Who Else Wants To Play Games For Money And Earn $120 An Hour Playing Video Games?

You can mess around for cash as a computer game analyzer!

Before we get everything rolling, we should dispel any confusion: you can bring in cash testing computer games however you really want to work at it! Testing games is an extraordinary work, and there is a great deal of pay potential, however you need to work for it! In the event that you will perspire somewhat, read on to get familiar with the great and awful about game testing, where to begin looking, and how to apply.

What’s the big deal about being a computer game analyzer?


o You get to play unreleased games

o You get to mess around for cash (procure between $10-$120 60 minutes)

o You can telecommute

o You can work parttime or full time

o You get to keep the games

o You gain admittance to engineer codes and cheats

o You get to shape the destiny of computer games

The greatest advantages are obviously telecommuting, and the way that you get to mess around for cash.

For what reason will game designers pay me to play their games?

The gaming business is immense: $50 billion. Games cost truckload of cash and a transportation a game brimming with bugs will be exorbitant. On the off chance that bugs make the game max855 unplayable, the game should be reviewed, fixed, and reallocated – – this will cost large number of dollars! Paying a game analyzer to play their game and find these bugs is extremely inexpensive contrasted with the expense of a review.

Sounds perfect, yet what are the drawbacks of being a computer game analyzer?


o You might need to work extended periods (particularly near send off)

o You need to play inadequate games which can disappoint

o You need to play similar levels over and over

o You can wear out from over working

Like everything you need to take the great with the awful. Assuming that you feel that you can endure the irritations of being a game analyzer then you are prepared to mess around for cash!

Where might I at any point secure these positions?

Have a go at looking on game designer sites. Make a rundown of 10-20 game designers and begin checking out at their sites like clockwork. Do this for a brief period and you ought to find a posting for a game analyzers work. A couple of significant game engineers are Microsoft, EA, 2K Sports, Acclaim, and SEGA.

How would I apply?

You need to send an introductory letter and a resume. No training is required, yet you typically must be more than 18. You need to underscore these abilities:

o Good correspondence