Video Game Tester Jobs – How To Start Video Games Testing

Among those of us who love playing video games, to discover how to get game tester jobs at home for a vocation is one of the most thrilling thoughts imaginable. But where does one begin, if one hasn’t tested software or video games before? How does one gain the experience one needs to qualify for an entry level game testing job? The answer may surprise you in its simplicity.

Yes, you had better be able to show some games testing experience on your resume. However, it doesn’t need to be experience acquired as an employee. There are several avenues in which you can acquire some experience and knowledge of both games and software testing, that will allow you to post that experience on your resume.

The way you go about doing this is by  vip168showcasing experience that is closely related, even if not in the capacity of a job. There are a few ways to go about doing this, but the important thing is to actually have experience with several games – in terms of playing, but also in terms of some introductory level testing.

Beta testing opportunities abound, mostly unpaid, for a variety of games. To get these opportunities, become a member or subscriber to your top 3 game software makers, and sign up for their beta testing list. Chances are, by going this route, you will get the chance to test a game before it goes public, and rack up some valuable experience you can post on your resume.

Another way of gaining experience before interviewing is to get a couple of software testing manuals, and practice going through a game and obtaining bugs. Then, compose a report of the bugs you found and send them into the company that makes the game, as a “voluntary testing report”. On your resume, you can list this activity as experience.

Finally, there are many online games that also request beta testers on a regular basis, either for an expansion pack or game update. Sign up and test away, and keep copies of your bug reports. Compose a summary of your reports to include with your resume.