Creatine Dosage Chart For Women

An increasing number of women are participating in fitness activities, including sports and bodybuilding. Also, an increasing number of women are exploring the use of supplements to step up their workouts a notch and increase performance.

Creatine supplements may be known as just for men, but that is not the case. A tailored creatine dosage for women can increase the results of their workouts.

Women Using Creatine

Despite what you may have heard, creatine is NOT any form of a steroid. It is a substance created by the body to make energy, and supplements only increase current levels. Creatine supplements will not give women “manly” attributes, lower their voices or spur unwanted hair growth.

A few side effects might be more pronounced when the creatine dosage for women is not adjusted correctly. Water retention and other relatively mild stomach issues are the main effects. Another side effect reported by women taking creatine supplements is increased  Ibuta 677 review  urination, notably while on their menstrual period.

Luckily, now available are creatine supplements made for women that minimize these problems.

One of the reasons for the more pronounced side effects for women is that they have naturally higher creatine levels than men.

Creatine Dosage Chart for Women

If you’re trying to figure out how much creatine to take, this creatine dosage chart for women – and only women – is a good guideline. These daily doses are based on a 5-day loading phase, then a maintenance phase, and broken down by weight.

LBS Loading Maintenance