Competition Chaos For Football in Victoria

For season 2010 Football Federation Victoria changed the competition structure for junior football in Melbourne by insisting on a zonal based inter-club competition. Their intention was to ensure parents were not travelling long distances to weekend matches and also to align all clubs with their relevant Victorian Champions League zonal clubs.

The result however has left Victorian football in a state of disarray. The new competitions have pooled together 3-4 teams previously from A, B and C grade into one locally based league. There are now four competitive matches per team every season with the rest of the matches producing double digit scorelines. Some clubs have folded teams, others have only half ufabet สมัครเว็บพนัน the team attending training.

Clubs such as Bulleen, Richmond, South Melbourne and Brighton have resorted to playing their teams in higher age groups in order to gain regular competitive football. The same clubs have spent years refining their player development systems that in the past produced state and national level talent but now their weekly competitions have lost the quality that is required.

In 2009 FFA released a nationwide National Curriculum of football which stressed that players should be playing against opponents of similar ability on a regular if not daily basis. Four games of competitive matches is probably not what they were hoping for. If FFV do not change their policy for 2011 they face losing out on any potential boost the World Cup might have made by only offering severe thrashings to new players and not providing a challenge to those who are loyal.