Compare Eye Serums With the Help of These Ingredients

The best way to lay your hands upon the best eye serum is to compare eye serums and find out the pros and cons. You may come across many parameters to compare eye serums but ingredients list is one parameter that tells the complete truth about any product.

Every product publishes a list of ingredients used in the product and you can use the same to your advantage. In this article, I will share with you the information on how to compare eye serums and avoid low quality products.

It is a dehydrating agent by nature. If you use any product that consists of alcohol then it will make your skin drier. Dry skin is an invitation to many other skin imperfections.

Many skin care companies use softeners to reduce the harshness of other ingredients. However, in the process it produces a chemical called 1, 4 dioxane, which is a carcinogen i.e. cancer causing. The reason you do not see 1, 4 dioxane written on the product label is because it is a byproduct and law enforcement agencies require to list only the ingredients used in manufacturing the product and not the by-products.

Mineral Oil
Many times, it is used as a moisturizing base for creams and lotions. In reality, it clogs the skin pores and invites more dirt and grime, which lead to acne, black heads, and other skin related issues.

So much for the list of harmful ingredients, let us now look at the effective ingredients that can help you fight skin related issues.

HaloxylSkincell Advanced before and after results
It reduces the puffiness below the eyes by boosting the circulation of blood in the area under eyes. It also removes dark circles below eyes by reducing the accumulated haemoglobin in the area under the eyes.

Crodomol CAP
It is a natural emollient; it creates a thin protective layer on the skin and hence protects the skin from external dirt and grime.

Homeo Age
It is an extract of an algae found in Canada. It is very rich in minerals and vitamins required by the skin. It is a proven ingredient to reduce the fine wrinkles around eyes.
So there you have it, a list of ingredients that you can put to test right away to compare eye serums. Us