5 Reasons to Work From Home

Do you really need someone to tell you the benefits of working from home? Ever since you attended elementary school, you knew that a day at home was better than a day at school. Summer break, anyone? Or perhaps you were a “sick day” celebrator–remember how Mom made you chicken noodle soup and let you watch T.V. all day? You thought you were really getting away with something.

Now your adult fantasy is to return in some ways to carefree yet secure home days as when you were young. Here are my five reasons to work from home–see with how many you agree.

1. You’re the boss! You can take sick days, weekdays, vacation days, rainy days, and any-kind-you-feel-like-it days off. You can also work really hard, so be careful not to overdo it. Note: You’re overdoing it if your family has to call the police to find you.

2. More time with your family. Who’d have guessed? Now when your kids need lunch, you’ll be able to tell them that their sandwiches are in the hydrator. As an added benefit, Fido or Fifi can sleep in your office. Seriously, time is a fixed quantity–you can’t increase or diminish it, but globalmomschallenge.org you can spend less of it on things you like least. Conversely, if you love your business, you can spend a lot more time on it and become super rich.

3. More money. Do you remember that look your girlfriend gave you when you purchased that $500 Dolce & Gabbana handbag on a whim? If looks could kill, you’d be seven feet under now. But really–that was part of the fun, wasn’t it?

4. More freedom to do what you want. When’s the last time you took a two-week dream vacation? Okay, when was the last time you took a day trip to the beach? With a home business, yes, yes, you can. Traipsing through the Amazon Rainforest not your thing? Perhaps you would choose to paint figurines or become the state quilting queen. Or you might even choose to devote your time to charities.

5. Enjoy your career. When you enjoy what you’re doing, you feel satisfied. You have passion. You have purpose. You