You don't have the guts.

Corsica has some very picturesque landscapes.


I'll live on welfare.

The Japanese people have renounced war.

I'm sorry, we don't accept checks.

Where is the road?

David is at home.


You had better not make a noise here.

What time did they leave?

After the third film, this franchise is terrible.

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Please wait your turn.

You never know when it's going to happen.

She rarely, if ever, goes out of town.

If you want, you can easily make it.

Most of the adults there were swimming with their children.

The only spice Peter puts on meat is pepper.

I forgot the name of your brother; what's his name?

Do you know any of the boys in this room?

Laura only slept for three hours last night.

Give Jochen something to eat.

The more you explain it, the more I don't understand it.

Hilda is an idiot.

Beer is prohibited before 4:00.


There are no mistakes in your essay.

Pretty flowers do not necessarily smell sweet.

Now, this won't be easy.


I was worried about his health.


I'm starting to think you enjoy being with me.


Srinivas needs to come.

I'm looking for an apartment in the center of town.

Do you think they'll break the 10-second barrier in the 100-meter dash?

Tragedy is a powerful unifying factor for a nation's people.

Gordon lost all of his money.

He tried to take hold of the sheep.

I don't claim to have as big a heart as Mother Teresa, but I am willing to help the orphans in any way I can.

They blame Ragnar for everything.

Donna has significant mental health issues.

Delbert could be after your job.

Lemons contain citric acid


I heard what you were saying.

I'm sorry, but we cannot meet your requirements.

He's in a rough spot.

Rebecca seems to be very lonely.

We've installed several security cameras.

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If I had followed Laurence's advice, I wouldn't be having this problem.


How much are you being paid to do this?

The finest wines are those from France.

It was the worst moment of my life.


I left.


You have to do that just right.

We tried our best to find the missing persons.

The general opinion is against the war.


Let's go into my office.

Valeria was found dead in his study.

Moses tried to look calm.

You have to do it.

I think we can catch them.


I thought you guys were planning on coming to my party.

The bus has already gone.

He knows every trick in the book.

I might do something with Shamim tomorrow afternoon.

We were working hard on the project.


Jarl doesn't go to school anymore.

Selling motorcars is my business.

Lukas asked Brandon why she was crying.

The price of oil went down.

Kristen didn't say much.

We don't really need him.

Let's keep an eye on him.

Under such circumstances, we cannot succeed.

We all need help from time to time.

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My mum has to spoil things.


How are you going to spend your weekend?

Don't worry. I won't tell them.

Will you light the fire?

I have no idea where Sanche keeps his passport.

Swiss chard is rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, and dietary fibre.

The skies won't be clear.

I like to eat a late breakfast.

Don't hesitate to ask.

You guys need new shoes.


I thought I'd never see you alive again.

I was sort of in the middle of something.

The outcries of the angels go unheard by ordinary human ears.

She shares a room with her sister.

You caught me off guard.

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Let me handle that problem.

You will not get away with this.

Everything depends on whether you pass the examination.


He walked his horse to the gate.

Sharon gave us everything he had.

Can I sit on your lap?

I live at Akasaka in Tokyo.

There's nothing more expensive than love.

Why would you want to be so mean to Frederic?

You go to the bazaar not to become a sheep, but to buy sheep.

Srivatsan isn't wearing any pants.

The new decoration gave joy to the house.

Edmund deserved better.

I misjudged him.

"The sun is yellow." "That depends on your perspective. I am of the opinion that yellowness is sunny."

I am eating with my bro.

The neon sign shone as if to invite us.

Van disapproved of Margaret singing in bars.

She has very long hair.

My name is Ramesh and this is Hsi.

This key admits to his room.

When did you guys decide that?


My computer crashed and now it won't start up.

I just barely managed to pass the test.

Clarissa watched admiringly.

Does your car have a spare tyre?

How did you get into Harvard?

This leaflet contains necessary information.

I'll be more careful next time.

Why should Brendan be in trouble?

Apart from hearing sporadic gunfire, the day was pretty quiet.

The audience applauded for a full five minutes.

You'll be all right.

If I had a son, I wouldn't name him Doug.

When I have a cold, I sneeze and cough.


We were having a quiet supper when out of the blue my mother announced she was going back to school.

Where are we staying?

Rajeev got a promotion.

I haven't seen Liisa since forever.

I have to go to work.

I like sauerkraut.

Green looks good on Alice.

I think he is a very kind man.

I framed her.

I am supposed to meet him at four this afternoon.

Randall told his friends that he never ate meat.

I'm not sure I want the job.

We need plants in order to live.

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I never trusted you.

Antonio is a very lazy person.

I don't know why the meeting was postponed.

I can't remember the last time I saw Pieter.

I need her to vouch for me.

According to the police, Bud wasn't the only one who broke into Mara's house.

The cop said I was going 85, but I was only going 75.

I listened to them.

John testified concerning him.

It is the same book as the one I have.

Ricky forgot to buy a birthday present for Kenton.

I thought Lorien loved me.

American parents are willing to say good things about their children in public.

We went to the play yesterday.

Last night his father passed away because of his illness.

In Japan, children begin to play the violin at the age of three.

Choose your favourite racket.


I run, run, and run.

How much confidence exists that this assumption is correct?

There's not a moment to waste.

Mechael grew up in poverty.

"Is everything alright?" "Not really."

There are many talented people in our city, but Mitchell isn't one of them.

We've learned our lesson.

I've never been burnt.

He got angry when he found out about their plans.

"Do you understand?" "I don't understand at all."

Rajarshi wants to meet with me.

They prayed that their father would forgive them.

I had a checkup the week before last.


I sometimes talk to my neighbor across the fence.

He asked me to wait there until he came back.

I said yes.

I awoke to find that he had already gone.

I must apologize for the delay.


It is through hard work that he succeeded, not through good luck.

This child believes that the earth is flat.

Just sit down and relax.


We tried to eliminate all danger beforehand.