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Solid Payments provides payment processing services to online businesses around the world, we offer merchant accounts that will add your business the ability to accept credit/debit cards payments thru your website , we are also able to process MOTO transactions.

We can set-up accounts tailored to your special needs with very competitive rates, our multi-currency platform will allow you to accept and settle funds in up to 120 currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD and more.

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E-Commerce & RetailOnline GamingSoftware & ApplicationsForexDigital MediaSocial NetworksDatingTravel

E-Commerce and Retail merchants uses shopping carts which are very easy , simple and secure to be integrated to Solid Payments gateway.

Solid Payments offers the possibility of charging the shops clients with their local currencies and avoid surcharges on currency exchanges and debit your clients with their local currency.

Online Gaming merchants challenging their approval rates , by using Solid Payments multi acquiring processing solutions enables to route transactions between acquiring banks by smart routing engine that uses historical stats of cards approval rates per bank per country and many other algorithms allows merchant improve their approval rates.

Solid Payments fraud prevention , monitoring and real time alerting systems helps to avoid chargebacks and damages by fraudulent users.

CFT (Credit Funds Transfer) is available for online gaming merchants to credit customers for their winnings funds.

Software and Application merchants uses the ability of recurring transactions and batch processing that allows uploading files to Solid Payments PCI level 1 gateway for processing immediately and with future execution dates.

The combination of dynamic payment page that can be implemented easily in the software code or on the mobile application is fully customized and adjusted to the merchant needs.

Forex merchants are usually processing high ticket amount transactions, which are being processed by our smart routing engine to achieve the highest approval rate with the combination of avoiding fraud and chargebacks which are the most dangerous threat in the Forex industry. 

Solid Payments apply the smart engine of using 3D Secure by algorithms that were developed during the years.

Solid Payments provides real time monitoring and alerting systems that it’s parameters can be modified the merchant requests.

Solid Payments tokenization solutions is used to increase the clients retention by one click deposit solution.

Digital Media merchants are defined by micro payments needs by charging clients minimal transaction amounts with large scale of transactions per time unit.

Solid Payments architecture is built to support very large scale of transactions per second with very high approval rate.

Social Networks merchants are using the social network platforms in order to reach their clients that means that the need of integrating with Solid Payments need to be in a way that allow all of this complex process to achieve it’s goals.

Solid Payments is already integrated among many merchants within the known social networks with big success.


Dating merchants are facing challenges in the area of chargebacks , Solid Payments risk management system is designed in a way that allows us to help merchants with their challenges reducing chargeback ratios by using many risk features and new technologies that are available on the Solid Payments gateway.  

Solid Payments has the ability of using recurring transactions for merchants who has monthly subscription programs.

Travel merchants are defined with high ticket amount transaction, Solid Payments preform transaction authentication with  3D Secure technology with combination with anti fraud risk checks like IP Geo-location and BIN identification.

Solid Payment is integrated to large travel systems that are being used by Travel merchants.  


Solid Payments technology is used by thousands of online businesses, we believe the our products has to be no less than perfect and secured.
Therefore Solid Payments always work to add more payment features to our gateway , improving the risk management by using cross platform risk checks with the support of external checks.
Solid Payments gateway is PCI level 1 which is the highest level of certification in the payment industry.

Affiliates / Partners

Join us as Affiliate/ Partner

Solid Payments work with affiliates and partners around the world, giving them solid ground to introduce merchant and offer them variety of processing services.

We offer our affiliates:

*Customized affiliates programs.
*Online boarding platform.
*Rev-share on most profitable components.
*Low to High merchants accounts .
*Online reporting system.
*Monthly pay-outs.

The only thing left is to join us via :


ICE Totally Gaming 2018 LondonOFXG TLViFXEXPO International ICE Totally Gaming

Solid Payments will attend the ICE Totally Gaming in London on 6-8 February 2018.

Meet us at booth N8-255. 

Mail 2

Solid Payments will attend as GOLD sponsors  to the OFXG TLV & GO GAMING INTERNATIONAL SUMMIT.

Introducing the 3RD OFXG TLV & GO GAMING INTERNATIONAL SUMMIT – The only summit in Israel that brings together for the third time, online financial trading, affiliates and gaming executives from across the globe directly to the core of the industry, the place where business meets pleasure – TEL AVIV.

This summit puts in the spot light the three foundations of the industry: B2B, operators: binary, gaming & fx brokers, and affiliates; together with the service providers working with them.

Many affiliates are now seeking to open their own operations and we offer plenty of content for this purpose as well.

  • Solid Payments exhibited at the iFXEXPO International event in Limasson, Cyprus on 23-25 of May 2017
  • Solid Payments exhibited as a Silver Sponsor at the iFXEXPO International event in Limassol on 26-28 of May 2015


  • Solid Payments exhibited at the ICE Totally Gaming in London on 7-9 February 2017.
  • Solid Payments exhibited at the ICE Totally Gaming in London on 3-5 Feb 2015.


Solid Payments is a global Payments Service Provider since 2011, a Gibraltar company registered as an ISO with VISA / Master Card  as we provide secure payment solutions through various acquirer banks to online ventures worldwide.

Solid Payments provides state-of-the-art technology that helps merchants to process transactions easily and securely.

Solid Payments specialises with strong risk tools and is an expert with fraud prevention and fraud monitoring.

We understand your processing needs and we measure your risks, therefore we build to each client a tailored and unique solution that helps to increase his revenues.

Our state-of-the-art gateway is PCI level 1, and gives you and your clients a simple and smart way to pay online.

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