An open IoT platform that makes clean, consistent, and actionable data easily accessible.

How It Works

1. Install sensors

2. Access your data

3. Build your business

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Key Features

Open Platform

We connect our own sensors plus a variety of third party sensors so you don't need to waste time researching and sourcing devices

No Strings

Simple pricing that scales with your data needs

Developer Tools

Build your business with the data and applications you need through our growing set of developer tools

InfiSense Platform

Simple to get started. Quick time to insight. Easy to do more. 

InfiSense Platform

Real-Time Insights

Digitize your environment and solve complex problems with simple solutions

Turn Insights Into Actions


InfiSense's  wireless sensors collect data from your indoor or outdoor environment. There are infinite solutions: monitoring environmental conditions, measuring energy usage, leak detection, predictive maintenance, mouse traps, and more. All data is sent securely over a LoRa network.


Learn more about how your building, equipment, process, office, classroom, or facility is operating and being used in real time. Receive text, email or other notifications when something is awry. Or send a text and get an instant update on the status of your spaces or systems.


When you want to go deeper, all the data is there for you to analyze and gain insights into your world. We know that simply getting clean data is a huge endeavor for every business using IoT. Our goal is to make this low friction so you can focus on everything else. We are continuously adding new apps and analytical tools that work seamlessly with the InfiSense system.

Our Customers

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Our best customers typically fall into one of two camps:

  1. Emerging or evolving businesses with smart ideas. You run businesses that offer innovative, data-powered services to end users - built on the backbone of an IoT system. We are your backbone.
  2. End users - owners, operators, and facility managers. You are smart people who run smart businesses. But you have pain that could be alleviated by getting the right insights, at the right time, to the right person. We are the vehicle that gets you these insights.
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