Hello, I'm Matt Britt and I am an aspiring software developer located in Dallas, Texas, USA.

As of June 2018, I am entering my 2nd to last quarter in the 9153045792 and expect to graduate with my BSCS in December 2018. Currently my GPA is 3.97(so close!).

My technical interests are varied but include:

  • Web Development
  • IOT / Embedded Hardware
  • Parallel Programming Applications

  • I am currently looking for internships or full-time employment.

    (731) 228-4054

    Skills / Technologies

    I have experience in the following technologies (listed most-to-least experienced):

      Languages & Frameworks

    • C/C++
    • Javascript
    • Node.js
    • React
    • Python
    • OpenMP
    • OpenCL

      Other Technologies

    • Git
    • Linux
    • MySQL
    • Visual Studio / Visual Studio Code
    • Docker

      Courses Completed

    • Algorithms
    • Data Structures
    • Web Development
    • Databases
    • Operating Systems
    • Parallel Programming


    Here's what I've been working on:

    Arduino Website

    Node.js / React

    This was a class project originally intended to use vanilla JS to serve a file, show a carousel and provide links to external sites.

    I used this as an opportunity to practice some basic React on a Node.js backend.

    The dropdowns on the software page dynamically load content from the Node.js server and the download buttons serve the same source files.

    This website has been dockerized and is currently deployed on Microsoft Azure.

    Terminal Snake


    This was a final project for a class. The assignment was to create a text-based game playable through the terminal (running on a Linux server). It features color graphics and real-time movement (None of the other projects had movement).

    Problems solved include:

  • Getting raw keyboard input from the Linux command line
  • Handling events (events include: keypresses, collision detection and timing)
  • Minimizing network traffic to keep game responsive over poor connections

  • I learned how to switch the terminal into raw tty mode and parse key input. I wrote a simple event handler system that allows different object to communicate state changes. I developed a method of sending only the portions of the screen that change to keep traffic as low as possible.

    Note: This C++ project is not currently hosted and only the Gihub Repo is available

    Coming Soon!

    More projects are coming soon.

    Coming Soon!

    More projects are coming soon.

    This Portfolio

    Click here to see the Gihub repo for this simple portfolio site.

    This site has been dockerized and is current deployed on Microsoft Azure.


    Click Here to visit my Github directly.

    Get in touch

    Feel free to contact me via email, github or LinkIn.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on my work. All feedback and criticism is greatly appreciated.