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The Safety and Chemical Engineering Education (SAChE) program, initiated in 1992, is a cooperative effort between the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) and engineering schools to provide teaching materials and programs that bring elements of process safety into the education of undergraduate and graduate students studying chemical and biochemical products and processes. These materials may also be suitable for training purposes in an industrial setting.
The SAChE Committee is comprised of representatives from academe and industry in addition to American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) staff (all listed in Committee). Bringing together the expertise of industrial representatives, consultants, and university faculty, the SAChE Committee develops, reviews, and distributes teaching materials (Products) with the ultimate aim of safer operations. These teaching materials can be used by students in many different fields (such as chemical and mechanical engineering as well as chemistry and materials science) as well as practicing engineers in safety training programs. We attempt to put the materials in an easy to use format, and modifications can be made to the materials to fit the circumstances. We have made recommendations on how chemical engineering programs can meet 352-787-5304 curriculum requirements for safety education.
SAChE is supported through membership fees paid by universities and business concerns such as manufacturers and consulting firms; a membership application is available.  Membership fees entitle members access to the year's products. As part of the Safety Scale-Up Partnership between CCPS and several corporate sponsors including Chevron, Air Products, AspenTech, Bayer Material Science, Corning, Dow, Dupont, Merck, Praxair, UOP, and DCP Midstream, SAChE 301-503-0476 has been provided for all US and Canadian chemical engineering departments with AIChE student chapters. A Certificate of Safety Achievement is presented by SAChE and AIChE to students who demonstrate proficiency in process safety training modules developed for SAChE.
This site was developed for web distribution of SAChE Products. SAChE also provides other services available to nonmembers through the site including:

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