I thought Toft had already done his homework.

I could have someone find out that information for you.

Even though she is 38, she still depends on her parents.

Hi! Good morning!

He thought the whole thing a bad joke.

It seemed impossible that Dory would succeed.

I owe you five dollars.

Markus was suspected of murder.

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Carter needs a transplant.

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Science can't explain this.

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We all have kids.

Let's find out more about them.

I don't know what I have.


We caught you.


John will be here in five minutes.

Why aren't you helping them?

Give me thirty dollars now and I'll pay you back Monday.


You have no idea what you're talking about.

I thought he was my special friend.

I can't handle this.

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They are going to get married tomorrow.

When did your younger sister start learning English?

Aren't you going to eat breakfast?


Perhaps I shouldn't have done that.

Can we speak in the other room?

The bathroom window is open.

It is wise of you to ask me for advice.

You're a goner.

The diver wanted to test the limits of his equipment.

There was a great deal of conjecture as to what would happen.

Simon doesn't know you were helping me.

Red wine, please.

She solved the problem with ease.

This hot spring is a great find.

The worth of a thing is best known by the want of it.

Are you energetic?

Gypsy has been trying hard to impress his father.

Christie checked his wallet to see how much money he had.


Harry is that man over there with a long white beard.


He doesn't make me laugh anymore.

We should ask them.

I wonder what Elwood is up to?

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I was free from work yesterday.

Who are you talking to?

I can't believe I did this.

The law doesn't apply to this case.

I'm in the caboose.

Rees changed his job.

He's studying hard so he can pass the entrance exam.


Many Gothic cathedrals, such as the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, have flying buttresses.

Justin was shocked by what Ramesh said.

Thank God nobody got hurt in this accident.

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Nikolai said he wanted to be your friend.


You may have to help me.

We should move to a safer location.

I don't know who my ancestors are. Our papers got lost during the Flood.


Opposite there is a six-story building.


Ramesh said he wouldn't stay here with me.

I need proofs.

I'll have to study it further.

I hope we have enough time.

What would your mother think?


God then wanted to test Abraham's obedience, and called out his name.

The teacher is right.

He has gained so much that he can soon go home from the hospital.

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Dark clouds gathered over the horizon.

People often ask me that.

I'll be back in a while.

I can't close this door. It's broken.

This place is sacred.

What are you doing in your life?

An hexagon has six sides.

Friction between the Americans and the British mounted.

Her sweater was great, but nothing compared to what became evident below.


Those oysters I ate last night didn't agree with me.

I'm a deeply religious man and believe in life after death.

May all my dreams come true.

No one admires him more than I do.

I want to know what that is.

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I didn't think that Saqib was that old.

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He will reach Hakodate tonight.

He has a kind expression.

I want to know what Craig meant.


Don't tease us.

Are things OK with you?

She was only 18 when she graduated from university.

Johann is a member, I think.

I'll be going.

His words moved her to tears.

I really like travelling by ship.

How high is it?

You seem to have an infection.

I saw Sean jump into the pool.

I intend to stay for a week.


I can't even remember what we were fighting about.

He won't have a look-in.

When was the last time you had to do this?

No matter how hard Rodger tried, he couldn't impress Bryce.

Which season do you like best, spring or autumn?


To our surprise, he was defeated in the match.

You're Italian.

If Scotland eventually recovers its stolen independence after over three centuries, I'll get myself dead drunk.

Don't mention this to her.

When my grandmother was young, her body was very slim. Now in her old age she's grown plump.

I'll have it done before 2:30.

The popularity of the Internet has led to full-time shills being paid by governments and corporations to pretend they are concerned citizens on social media.


I actually agree with Morris.


Do you want a hug?

You are the last person whom I expected to meet here.

I feel on top of the world.

Lorenzo is the only one here who has never lived in Boston.

Were there any survivors?

Let's sing a happy song.

Your children are so charming!

Moran wasn't involved.

I don't know that word.

You should look after the children from time to time.

I think you sleep well.

What do you want us to do?

I don't want to get a full denture.

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Obviously we will help but please remember that what decides it in the end is your zeal.

I do want to know what you found out.

Why are you hiding from us?


They were swimming.

I think this is the best part.

Tadpoles become frogs.


Sanche took a mirror out of her bag and handed it to Kazuhiro.


Should we be worried?

This clock is rarely rung.

I'm real impressed with Mosur.


I can't leave my family.

These are what Jock bought yesterday.

Cheese is a solid food made from the milk of cows, goats, sheep, and other mammals.

I am not a fan of libertarianism.

It's old and clunky.


Winnie isn't babbling.


Andrew wouldn't allow Paul to kiss her.

How many kilometers per liter does the average car get?

I didn't know you were such a good cook.

We were out together.

Jerrie asked Joseph if she'd go to John's art exhibit.

Last year in the Philippines, earthquakes and tidal waves resulted in the deaths of more than 6,000 people.

Marc kept a rabid dog at his laboratory.


I touched the bottom.

They will come calling out at the mess you've made.

John is not as old as Bill; he is much younger.

What's your niece's name?

Why do you want to meet him?

Jinchao says he'll never ever leave Victor.

Joanne bought a couple of loaves of bread on his way home from work.


I'm visiting a friend of mine in the hospital.


As I am busy, I cannot go.

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This is going splendidly.


There's an urgent need for volunteers.

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Donna will follow you.


In the movies, ghosts can walk through walls.


I'm Laotian.

What did you do for Valentine's Day?

Supporting the local economy while getting drunk is nice.