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Leith let out a sigh of relief.

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We're looking for them.

Keith and Win clicked from the moment they first met.

Straka wouldn't let me help.


Johan, wake up! We're late!

Where can I get a cab?

Angela is quite good at languages.


Harris was killed instantly when the bomb he was trying to defuse exploded.


I thought you'd want this one.

I'm taking care of my grandfather

Mohammad didn't take it with him.

Do you know where Everett hides his money?

We'll be ready in time.

I haven't thought about it at all.

I just met her yesterday.

Let's skip school and go see the movie.

That book had a lot of pages.


I've waited so long for this.

Aimee has made up his mind to go to Boston to study.

The water tank teems with mosquito larvae.

We need to take care of the earth.

Thank you for everything you've done for me.

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The show's Tuesday.

Do you know who broke this window?

There's no going back.

The number of wild boars is increasing rapidly in Germany.

Tell me where you think you left your umbrella.

Monica slammed the bathroom door shut.

Miri had a key role setting this party up.

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Do you mean you haven't told Toft yet?


Ticket, please.

Please tell them I'm sorry.

Is there a flower shop in the hotel?

You have to stop it.

I doubt that Joni would ever do that kind of thing.

Can I have a ticket to London, please?

"What am I supposed to do?" "I don't know. Do something."

Don't hold your breath.

James managed to escape.


Should you really be doing that?

I don't think you should go.

I thought Lindsay might ask Saify to the dance.

Jones accidentally got on the wrong bus.

If you don't get a move on, you'll end up missing your flight.

We will soon be ready for the party.

Rajiv is very worried about you.

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The more contributors there are, the more useful Tatoeba will become!

The government has increased its financial aid to the developing nations.

I was stopped by a police car last night.

Taurus is wounded.

Eventually, an ambulance arrived.


He is stronger than I am.

It is no use trying again.

It is no use your waiting for him.

Jackye despises Alfred.

Since then, diplomatic relations between Canada and Iran have been suspended.


Syd smelled funny.

No matter how learned one may be, he or she cannot be called a good person unless he or she has a sound mind.

Knudsen often breaks his promises.

I'll join you all later.

This play is a musical.


You are safe so long as you stay here.

I can understand your anger.

Leif kicked Juliane in the balls.

Complaining about something doesn't change anything.

Whatever information you can give us will be appreciated.


I got rid of all the books.

I'm too tired to concentrate on this problem right now.

I am bound to solve this question.

I shared the recipe for gluten-free bread.

I'm waitressing tonight.

Everybody has bad dreams.

In the meantime, the majority of the Germans demand that Wulff resign.


I would enjoy that.

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I acknowledge your kindness.

Curtis has absolutely no idea what he's supposed to do.

His official title at the company is Assistant to the President.

Tell them when you're ready.

The girl was used to sitting up till late.

The two men accused each other.

Is this a picture of his own drawing?


The hat stood out because of its strange shape.

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You're needed here immediately.


He is precisely the one you are looking for.

The product was not taken out of the box.

Are you observant?

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The fish are in the sea.

Erik wished he was with Deirdre.

What he finds in my face I can't guess.

It seems that they have skipped out of town.

You're quite attractive.

Chlorine is one of the elements in the periodic table.

But who will guard the guards themselves?

Jimmy hardly eats anything.

The day will soon come when we will conquer space and travel to the moon.


You don't know what it's like to be married to Courtney.

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It happened that she was taking a bath.

Those shoes won't do for climbing.

The last time when I saw him, he was quite well.

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We've figured it out.


Neville isn't the shy boy he used to be.

Cliff believes in strange things.

In 1900 he left England, never to return.

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Kenneth sneaked into the room.


Elisabeth will challenge you.

Freedom is something you have to fight for, rather than something you're given.

I do not think it will rain this afternoon.

He came at about two o'clock.

He looked really wonderful in his top hat and tails.

I'm moving in with her.

Everyone hurried outside.

Guy is going to need you.

Give up!

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Rajeev is wearing a baseball glove.


Raul seems to have had a very hard time.

Perhaps I have hurt your feelings, but that was not my intention.

I climbed one.

It is the role of a student to study.

I need a bucket.

I am standing here, face to face with nothing.

Tammy doesn't think that Mick is right.

I can say that now, but a little while ago I hated you.

I wanted to find out more about you.

Easter bunnies are an oviparous species in the mammal family of Leporidae.

It'll be tonight.


I had nothing in common with them.

Is that really all there is?

We learned a lot, too.


Did he undertake the mission?

I have some questions for them.

I thought you said Raphael was stupid.

Don't let him do it by himself.

There is no hope of success.

We were faced with an unusual situation because of the accident.

We can't let her go.

I was encouraged by his words.

Lievaart has been in the hospital for three weeks.

I need somebody I can trust.

Elaine is grumbling.

I've been hearing good things about you.

Beverly didn't sound confident.

I hope nothing has happened to Hotta.

Kimmo forgot to tell me what time the concert begins.

Kathryn was expelled from school.

She asked me if I loved her.

I waited for ten minutes, though they seemed like 10 hours to me.

They are living it up in Honolulu.


"Just now, you were looking. You Peeping Vaughn,"she said angrily.


That would be really bad.

To your health!

Can we have a moment alone, please?

A little good news wouldn't hurt.

I need to go milk the cows.


I have to agree with you on this.

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Sally followed Devon out into the hall.


It was a wonderful day.

I almost forgot to tell you about what happened.

You have to buy something.


I need to get home.

Do you still think you have a chance?

I want to say: "Thanks for the trip to Afghanistan and for my prosthesis!"

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He doesn't have a hat on.