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Welcome to StableWise, the Horse Farm Planning Resource!

Horse facility construction is much different than conventional construction. It requires special attention to the little details that will ensure the safety and well being of the facility's equine inhabitants.

StableWise helps you to plan and create your own horse property,
or to simply make better use of the one you have now.

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  • They're here! StableWise now offers a wide selection of Barn Plans for secure purchase online! Browse through our many different designs, where you will see typical floor plans and beautiful renderings of the finished building. More...
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  • 7133818081  Build the perfect utility shed for your backyard, with easy-to-use, instant download plans. These gambrel-roof, barn style sheds are available in two different designs and in thirteen sizes each, from 8'x8' to 16'x24'.
  • Sample Horse Facility Legal Forms

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    8888177788If you purchase a magnet with a handle attached to it at a hardware store, you can use it in several ways around the barnyard. More...

    Horse property design, construction and maintenance tips

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    36' x 36' Gable Barn Plans
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    Barn Designs

    With a flexible floor plan and plenty of space for up to six horses, this 36' x 36' Gable style pole barn satisfies the needs of both horse and human alike.

    Barn plans and barn designs

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