It's fairly accurate.

I'm getting too old for this sort of thing.

Honestly, I don't believe it is a matter of plagiarism.

This is my favorite book.

Ken is waiting for the train to come.


It's a form of rebellion.

I'm not sure I can be of any help.

Did Bernard go home?


A teacher should never laugh about a pupil who has made a mistake.

Arne has never been sick.

It wasn't there before.

Pirates preyed upon unarmed merchant ships.

This is a little confusing.

Can I go back to sleep now?

I'll go, even if it rains tomorrow.

You should definitely ask him out.

Jeffrey has never liked Nou.

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"Natto" smells awful, but tastes delicious.

He can play the piano better than I.

Mayo shouted at Jordan.


This is the best way to die.

Is Dwayne still here?

What's going on outside?

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Roger checked his rearview mirror before pulling out into traffic.

He put some sugar and milk in his tea.

The Prime Minister admitted that the government's new social security policy probably wouldn't pass the pub test.

We'll do it just like before.

Knapper lives on a farm in California.

I wouldn't bet on it.

Elsa stood quickly.

The population is dying off.

Who was this done by?

I have spoken to you of earthy things.

I had my hat blown off.


I was beaten up by a gang of hoodlums on the way home from work.


Messi is the world's greatest football player.

Stanley had a good reason for doing what he did.

I got stuck in this street after getting drunk.


Kieran knows that he was wrong.


Tanaka seems to have lost his passport.


You have a very welcoming smile.

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I told him I had plans.

Can you see something red down below?

I want you to use it.


I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Damon.

Dick hates his job.

He leveled his gun at me.


She asked if I needed a taxi.


We're going to need your help after all.

I assure you that I can do that.

Hunter is going to be out for a while.

Eddy was late for work.

Your alphasyllabary needs better vowel marks.

I wanted to help Mikael pay his bills.

They made a list of the names.

The next act is worth sticking around for.

This isn't logical.

Franklin wore long underwear.

This is important stuff.

Nicolas wants to go with you.

The conference will be held in a specially selected church.

The woman is in the room.

Mark the words which you cannot understand.

I couldn't understand what was going on.

The soup is in the tureen.

Experience Life is a journey in which one often faces lot of hardships.

I was sorry to hear about him.

The injured man lay in the street before the police arrived.

Tobacco acts on the brain.


Can I get a route map, please?


We arrived first.

Isaac always wears sunglasses and a trench coat.

He asked me to wake him at six.


Some believe that school chaplains shouldn't receive public funding.

We were proactive.

I called him up and asked his schedule.

Tracey is poor.

The sun sank below the horizon and it got dark.

What exactly are you saying?

Marie was leaving.

A man's will is nothing when compared to that of the heavens.

I don't like listening to his complaining all the time. It makes me tired.


Don't forget to put out the light before you go to bed.

It was all my idea.

You told me so yourself.

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I want to close my account.

How many detainees are held at Guantanamo?

The Latin language is not entirely unknown to me, but I altogether lack the ability to speak it.

Mahesh has tiny hands.

I can't believe that's what's really bothering Will.

Leo is missing a few teeth.

People are more educated now than they used to be.

I want to get factura

Lynne knows what this means.

"I wonder what this is", asked Tony.

My meals are prepared by my mother.


It hasn't been easy for Brett.

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What languages does Kerri speak?

Do you know what's going to happen to Kaj?

He raised his arm.


I think it's time for me to give up on this relationship.

We go out together every weekend.

This is just between you and me.

Once the work is done, usually around half past five, I come home to have dinner.

I buy you a present.

Alfred didn't know what to believe.

Blackbeard formed an alliance of pirates.

I didn't know how to express myself.

There's nothing to understand.


Blessed are the poor in spirit.

I'll take it home with me.

She looked every inch the movie star.


The room has two windows.


Nicolas has been electrocuted.


We never should've hired Ronni.

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Fortunate is he who is able to know the causes of things.


School was cancelled because of the snow.


It's foolish for you to swim when it's this cold.

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I didn't get enough sleep.

Blayne baked three dozen cookies for Panos's party.

Venkata found Daren sitting on a bench in the park.

Clare is asleep on the couch.

Is the bank open today?

The term "Siamese twins" comes from two conjoined twins from Siam who travelled with P.T. Barnum's circus.

I didn't enjoy every minute of the party.


I have no friends to whom I could speak about such matters.

We're meant for each other.

Julian has a good voice.


I can't decide what to eat for lunch today.

I told Jerry to help Johnathan, but he didn't.

She indulged herself in nostalgic memories.


You may leave.

It's about the size of an egg.

He was a stone-cold killer.

Terri and Sunil are as different as black and white.

Life is a state of consciousness.

I'm engaged to Lori.

Situated on hilly terrain, the cathedral can be seen from a long distance.


He does nothing but complain from morning till night.

I told him I couldn't do it.

As his lips got bluer, I nervously waited for the ambulance.

I've got a question for you.

If we should miss the express, we'll take the next train.

Michiel didn't say anything about you coming by.

Toufic wanted to find some stability for himself.

Shadow lived in Boston until 2013.

Vernon lives just down the street.

We're quite drunk.

This is one of Boston's best hotels.

He wanted female companionship.

Starbuck looked through the keyhole.

Let's delay this decision until tomorrow.

Margaret really takes after her mother.

I am your friend.

He had worked hard on the speech.

It is often said that sweets are bad for your teeth.

I don't want to take advantage of them.

I am Rabin's grandfather.

I want to spend my life with Toft.

My mother tasted the milk.

I recognized my friends.

Your Dutch is pretty good, probably better than mine.

I'm waiting for a response from him.

Why is your immediate reaction always so negative?

I want to find out what's really going on.