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Nathaniel will never listen to Mongo.

Don't give me a thing.

These pictures were taken three months ago.

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Evelyn and Dale are out of town.

You made the same mistake again.

The smoke alarm has never been maintained.

I can't even cook an omelet.

It's impossible to get out of this cell.

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Do you have a license to sell liquor?

OK, I'll order them.

He will have left here by the time you return.

Merauke is the easternmost city in Indonesia.

Have you ever swallowed an apricot pit?


This water isn't drinkable.


He wrestled his attacker to the ground.


Dan doesn't know the extent of Linda's criminal history.

Oh, the streetlights have turned on.

Japan achieved a real GNP growth of 5% last year.


It's odd that there should be a light on in the office at this hour.

Mahmoud used a credit card to pay.

People just need time to adjust to the new environment.

It's all that matters.

One day you'll thank me.

I won't be here tomorrow.

Maternal love is the greatest thing.


He didn't see well even with glasses.

We should do more to protect the ozone layer from further damage.

I'm hungry. I'm not angry.


Elliot looked like he always looks.


Novo's cat likes the song "Eye Of The Tiger."

What is the address of the new bookshop?

The old woman fell an easy prey to the fraud.


Don't sugarcoat it.

How often do you work here?

I put an advertisement for the new publications in the newspaper.

I think it's happening again.

"May I please see your driver's license for identification?", said the clerk.

Julia probably saved my life.

Dan began dating his childhood friend, Linda.

I am dyeing my hair brown.

Be nice to Norman.

Mario moved to Boston.

You probably shouldn't tell anybody about that.

I sometimes have abnormal vaginal bleeding.

Martha has started writing a novel.

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What did I just tell you a few minutes ago?

He is not so healthy as he used to be.

Why did you say this?

May I use this?

In German, the feminine definite article's genitive singular is "der".

Do you know how to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

Don't get your dander up, but I have bad news to tell you.

Sonny certainly did what Malaclypse accused him of doing.

What I need is a friend.

We elected Jim captain of our baseball team.

Have we accomplished anything?

Mr Smith, better speak English. I can't understand your French at all.

We need to fill up at the next gas station.

I'm going to stay with him.

I'm bluffing.

Don't you think Dannie's cute?

I was sore for three weeks.

Knapper picked the lock.

That game will finish soon.

Please be brief.

The mission took the direct route by air to the boundary.


I cried when Roxane told me about that.

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That didn't do them any good.

Since tomorrow's Monday, Ken will probably come.

His mother was a poor peasant woman, too poor even to think of such a thing as buying skates for her little ones.

I came here with them.

I owe them money.

Zeal for your house will consume me.

That should last three weeks.

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They invited us around for a meal.

I must get my work done by the day after tomorrow.

Can I get another one?

All the workers ate a quick lunch at their desks.

I've decided not to go to Boston.

Kelvin is very open.

He was bereaved of his son.

That experience guides my conviction that partnership between the United States and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn't. And I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.

How many statues are there in this temple?

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Some people clung to tree branches for several hours to avoid being washed away by the floodwaters.

Fresh Reader, three times more interesting than Twitter (IMO)

They only wrote good things about you in the newspaper.

I put cream in my coffee.

If you have nothing else to do, you could always visit Shirley.

No, today I'm not going to school.

I hope Maria writes soon.


Sanjay almost died in that accident.


Stop playing video games. You're addicted.

I've dealt with this store for years.

Yvonne works for the government.


I don't plan to worry about Gordon anymore.


Can you lend me your dictionary?

This is our only chance.

I think it's all right now.


I don't want to rest.

If he were proficient in English, I would hire him.

He is every bit a scholar.

If you keep pestering me, I'll send you overboard to chum the water with your useless guts!

Beth is an odd girl who likes snakes.


Ssi has what Miles wants.

We've met on occasion.

Boys and girls read.


You have no clue what you are doing, do you?

Moderation is a virtue.

It's a legitimate worry.


Sabrina and Erick got married in Maryland.


I don't know much about Finland, except that it's very cold.

Are you English?

The owl can see in the dark.


It takes all sorts.

I told you I got fired.

Yukiko likes potatoes.

Dinner is on the table.

Rub two sticks together to get the fire started.


Jackson asked the doctor to cut out the bullet at once.

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Call them now.

Even truth needs to be clad in new garments if it is to appeal to a new age.

Saumya scribbled something in his notebook.

I think I've figured out how to do it.

None of the girls is a student.

They became silent.

My mother was not feeling any better. If anything, she looked worse.

Belinda urged Ed to study art.

The shrapnel from an explosion is usually more dangerous than the shock wave.


Are you going to tell us what happened?

We'll eat as soon as Gale gets here.

Socorrito needs some advice.

He explored the region around the South Pole.

Nobody waits for me.

I won't let him down.

Courtney has long brown hair.

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"Why did Simon do that?" "I have no idea."

The fifteenth of Shevat is the "Festival of Trees."

Many of Alf's clients are millionaires.

Douglas eventually agreed to speak with Lincoln.

Stop acting like such a fool.

You're going to tell us everything.

Jinchao has issues.

We were robbed.

It's raining, so you should stay at home.

The therapy is in session.

It's not a dog.

What exactly do you plan to do?

Is he reading a book?

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Everything was normal.

Ramanan advised against doing that.

It was quite expensive, but I really wanted that plushy, so I decided to buy the collector's edition of it.


The rain fell relentlessly all day long.


Suyog used to be cooperative.

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A teacher may never laugh at a student who made a mistake.


Can you take over driving for a while?


Pete couldn't understand anything Amedeo said.

We didn't build it.

Who's making the decisions?

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He was at the gate of death.


I'm a farmer.

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Patience is a virtue that I don't possess.