Have you been wearing the same cloth backpack for quite some time now and wish you could give it a fresh look?

I s it possible that we can paint a cloth backpack? Of course, in the market there are several dyes for fabrics, available in stationery or supermarkets at prices that range between 5 and 10 euros. That yes so that you can paint correctly a backpack of cloth is important to choose those to the canvas and not replace them completely with products of other fabrics, which can irreversibly destroy the backpack. On the other hand, we also have the option of painting a backpack with drawings that we like and in that case no dyes are used but we have special paints or sprays that allow us to paint without the paint being erased or jumping out of the fabric once we put the backpack in the washing machine. Let’s see below how we can paint a cloth backpack, step by step, and in the easiest way of all. Now we go with the suspenders, which I had not mentioned, but they are two strips of 7 x 33 centimeters which we will sew in half as you see in the photograph, sewing at the end the backpack tape and as you know I am very obsessive with that to ensure that it is not zafe, we are going to sew twice the union with the backpack tape. Now we sew each handle on the top of the back of the backpack and insert one of the sliding buckles. Then we pass one of the rings and reinsert it by the sliding buckle, bend the tip and sew it so that it does not fall off. In the lower part we sew the half circle circle with a piece of brace that I had left over.

Paint flowers in your backpack Back to school is usually a bit sad for everyone, especially for children who are younger. With colored markers for fabric you can decorate your backpacks in a special way: with flowers. The only thing you have to do is wash the backpack (in case it is old), and once it is dry take colors that you like to paint flowers. A simple idea is to paint daisies with yellow and white. Paint a circle of yellow, you paint it and around you draw and paint the petals in white. Depending on the size of your daisies you can make many or simply draw them by the front of the backpack.

We begin by folding the first towel in half. From the midpoint we must measure 42 cm, two centimeters more than the width of the backpack. For the length will serve with 50 cm that we mark on both sides. From this mark up we put 8 centimeters, space that we will reserve for the cord to pass. Once marked the outline we hold inside with pins and cut the edges. Now we are going to make the path through which the cord will pass, for this we join our 8 cm marks on both sides. Before continuing, we passed a zigzag with the sewing machine all around so that it does not fray. We bend the towel by the 8 centimeters mark and we sew. We repeat to the other side.

I’m going to put pictures on them and try to explain how I did it. It seems too much because there are many steps, but it has been easier than I expected, in short I am in my time of bags / backpacks. Anyway, whether they are encouraged or not, I hope you will join me and that you like the result. Materials: 2 sliding buckles, 2 half-hoop rings, 1.5 meters of backpack strap, 1 20-cm zipper, 1 45-cm zipper, 3 different fabrics (two for the front, one for the lining.) Do not ask me names or measurements, half a meter of each one), scissors, thread, needle, pins and those things necessary for sewing. My backpack measures 26 x 33 cm, so we need 2 pieces with these measurements (I recommend you bend the ends) in lining fabric, one in one of the fabrics (the smooth coffee) and another that measure this in sum, that is to say 14 cm x 26 cm and 20 cm x 26 cm (1 extra for sewing). Cut a strip of 10.5 cm x 109 cm which is what will give amplitude to my backpack.