His permanent tooth is coming in behind his baby tooth.

Do you think we can help them?

Klava forgives her husband.

Have you ever wrung sweat out of your clothes?

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Dawn should've won.

Ranjit doesn't really care what I think.

He works until midnight.


What's Rodent going to tell Les?


He is ruthless.

Don't you talk in the classroom.

I'll go tell her.

Teachers' salaries are very low.

Yeast makes beer ferment.

She has always been a popular actress.

Stagger used to eat meat.


Sanity is happy.

If I cared about all your criticism, I wouldn't be where I am.

What do they charge for room and board?


Are you planning to help Chip?


You're just guessing.

The last time we all went out drinking, I was the designated driver.

She went to bed here, near me.

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The police found out the thief.

Mr. Smith is liked by all the students.

Thank you for doing me this favor.

I know him for a man of ability.

I don't want to make new friends!


I knew that you would check this sentence very carefully.

Although you can probably guess what's happening.

The doctor treated her injury.

Tricia and Brandi spent the afternoon baking pumpkin pies.

He studies hard to pass the exam.

I love being in empty rooms.

It was innovation in Muslim communities that developed the order of algebra; our magnetic compass and tools of navigation; our mastery of pens and printing; our understanding of how disease spreads and how it can be healed.

Nadeem Jackson is now the president of this company.

How's the dog?

If you think it'll make you happy, go ahead and do it.

Have you already tried not thinking of anything?


The girls knocked my books out of my hands and laughed at me.


I think you've made a big mistake.


She is doing that only to annoy him.

Do you guys want to do something fun?

My house is small.

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We all speak French.

Ask me the first question that pops into your mind.

I did what I needed to do.


These earphones don't work.

I punched him in the chin.

What else can I get for you?

Our boss doesn't tolerate being contradicted.

I'm sure you'll do a good job.

Christian has to work tomorrow.

It goes from bad to worse.

Wanna go to a movie tomorrow night?

There's something I need to show you.

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Whose bag is this?

You make your own life.

They danced until six in the morning.

He's always gossiping.

Why are you there?

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Who's on your list?


Who's missing from this photo?


I just want to humiliate Nanda.

It's our destiny.

I'll take anything I can get.

I'm not really that old.

"I am the Ghost of Christmas Present," said the Spirit. "Look upon me!"

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But your function isn't Lipschitz continuous!

This tale is a trip through infinite space.

Cathrin and Gigi used to work together.


I had to act at once.

That sounds like the kind of thing he'd do.

My health is none the better for my exercise.

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Who left the window open?

That's still up for discussion.

I opened the drawer to get a pencil.


To hope is better than to despair.


What was wrong with her?

It is possible that aliens have already landed on earth.

I've just finished waxing the floor.

You are asking too much for this car.

I can't handle them.

Equality is guaranteed by the Constitution.

I should have worn a coat.

On his tour of Italy, he visited several cities which are famous for their scenic beauty, for instance, Naples and Florence.

When we started out, our band could only find small clubs in small cities that would hire us.

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Ray was in his early thirties.


Allan looks distressed.

Polly and I went to the same high school. He was two years above me.

Did you talk to them today?

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You've underestimated Lum.

She got a flat tire on her way home.

His failure to observe traffic regulations resulted in a serious accident.

Would you ever eat live maggots? What about if I gave you $1,000?

You have to change trains at Shinjuku.


You are number one!

The post office is closed on Christmas day and mail will not be delivered.

What was Eileen afraid of?

He promised to come home early tonight.

Jianyun is a landscape designer.

I felt sympathy for him.

I can't ever do anything to please Lorraine.

I left my gold fish alone and without food for too long and it eventually died!

How long are you here for?

My mom doesn't want me to play with you.

We can get one for you.

Trevor lit the match.

We have the necessary equipment.


I'm angry at everybody.


Insects have six legs.

I don't look forward to going to school.

Bret was deeply disturbed by this news.

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Are you tired, sweetie?

Seaside resorts, such as Newport, are very crowded in summer.

I don't know where Meeks is living at the moment.

It's very easy to become a member in this library.

My father won't allow it.


Hold the baby very carefully.

At his final exam, Bob was really put through the wringer; the test covered everything that was in the course.

This should give us the advantage.

It is difficult to be nobody.

I've been there.

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Britain is the European Unions's second-largest economy after Germany.


Joachim has betrayed me.

I was surprised to find it on fire.

She will probably refuse to follow his advice, because she doesn't like him.

Dilma Rousseff is the current President of Brazil.

What is it you want to know?


I never knew about Clay.

You have Halloween and Thanksgiving Day.

He spent the night in a homeless hostel.

I like the red dress more than the white.

Where did the accident take place?

Sidney didn't know how to ask the right question.

Leslie went to the hardware store to buy some nails.

Elvis didn't give me anything.

She woke up in the early morning.

Konrad thought otherwise.

If you don't give in now, you will regret it later.

The police arrested Dwayne after responding to reports of a disturbance at his home.

Last night, I went to sleep in London.

Do you always do what Vidhyanath tells you to do?

Your door's unlocked.

Was I making too much noise?

With warmer, drier conditions, the trees are more likely to become infected with insects.

Lorraine was hiding behind a bush.

Write to me as soon as you reach there.


The play began exactly on time.


She's missed the boat.

Beaches in Hawaii are famous for their large waves.

The rose is pink.

This is something Nate made for you.

It doesn't work very well.

Cornering him in an argument is easy - like taking candy from a baby.

Do you write in Arabic?

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It is very hard to date this vase.

The boss approved the project.

Jimmy didn't want Price to go.

Why isn't that an option?

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark.


This product contains no preservatives. After opening, refrigerate and consume quickly.

Our paths have crossed very often.

They're a dime a dozen.