The rear gate was open.

Marion doesn't think Dory's plan is feasible.

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Don't blame this on him.

I'm not scared of them.

There's a parcel for you on the table.

Moe has been worried to death.

Dan didn't even write a letter to Linda.

Don't worry, you're doing well.

The Statue of Liberty is found in New York.

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He was advanced to the rank of general.


Becky is good at math.


It was Sir Anthony's eightieth birthday concert and everybody wanted a ticket.

On Monday, his condition improved slightly.

Tomas's friends all laughed at me.


I think he was rich.


The little child was subjected to violence from his stepmother.


My daughter is going to buy new furniture.

Did Kristi say what he was planning to do this evening?

Scientists have discovered a new species of dinosaur.


I need to know more about him.

She glimpsed him running through the crowd.

She had two beautiful girls at one birth.

Go back home.

I refuse to give up on this.

No, don't say anything!

I sweated on the treadmill.

I waited.

Tell me about your family.


For Lisa, it was Stefan who was in the wrong.

Vilhelm's a very good engineer.

I threw the shoes out the window.

I am mulatto.

Isn't that awful?

The gift is expressive of my feelings.

Do we really need to decide this now?

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You don't miss the water 'til the well runs dry.

The investigation concluded that the police officer had done nothing wrong.

Serdar didn't walk to the gym.

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Dan's truck seemed to have disappeared without a trace.


The meat is smooth and soft.


His face turned pale on hearing the news.

We're shaken.

The truth is I'm a man in a man's body.

Kemal is planting flowers in the garden.

They are very competent.

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You worry too much about what other people think of you.

I tried to get you to help us.

Lord has a slender body.


I never could say no to you.

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The meeting will reconvene in two hours after a brief recess.


They claimed that Harrison could not read or write.

Does Brenda know why you don't like him?

That old man had been making moonshine for fifty years.

I don't feel like working.

We're just looking around.

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"I greet you, dear colleagues, brothers and sisters of the great global human family, who have come together from lands near and far, from the most diverse nations in the world, to shake each other's hands in brotherhood, in the name of a great idea which unites us all...."

Wolfgang was listening to his iPod as he worked out.

Have you read this book yet?

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A young man barged in unexpectedly.

I am going to pick up my brother from school.

Elsa asked Charles to join his team.

Is that actually true?

I looked in as many dictionaries as I could.

Did you go to the stadium?

We can't go into that now.

I can't do it in this heat.

I want what's best for them.

I thought something was seriously wrong with Ray.

They made Markus chairman.

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Do Moore and Boyce get along?

She found it was difficult to adapt herself to her new surroundings.

I know my father will help me.

The atmosphere became strained when he came.

You should tell Eugene you're not feeling well.


My friends went to the cinema without me.


Could you keep an eye on him?


Housing is a right.

May I go to the river?

We can tell him later.


The clock struck half past 12.

Who's speaking at the meeting tonight?

Please give me this book.

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Nobody wanted to live in my country.

We need each other to survive.

Stacy only had three dollars left in his wallet.

Helen couldn't shake the feeling that there was something wrong.

Reading books is very relaxing.

If the demolition of buildings gets out of control, the city is faced with the risk of turning into a pile of concrete.

Which is your biggest problem?

I saw it being killed.

Brett is only thirteen.

He set out for Canada yesterday.

We should be on our way.

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Byron could've said something.

Please enter now.

All of my friends have bicycles.

My cat likes my keyboard.

You should talk to them, too.

Ragnar usually only wears glasses when he's reading.

He asked me to write him a love letter in Arabic.


The estate went to his daughter when he died.

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He is just right for the job.

Anatoly looked pale and fatigued.

Do you plan to go overseas?


Speak louder so everyone can hear you.

Please write to me as soon as possible!

Have my eyes also started to fail?

He is afraid of dying poor.

You're thirty, right?

I don't want them to help me.

Sue denied saying that.

He appointed me to do this task.

The artist belongs to his work, not the work to the artist.


She made him a new suit.

Father is in the habit of reading the paper before breakfast.

Mount Fuji is extraordinary.


Cris can't be at today's meeting.

Tell me what you're afraid of.

Please put this into the microwave oven.

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This app automatically signs you in when you open it.

Good day. How are you today?

What was your response?

I think Winnie is crazy.

You have to keep fit.

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The wall gave way in the earthquake.

The bill added up to three thousand dollars.

I suppose you are right.

I want to be able to speak Cantonese.

Great possessions cannot exist without injustice; a multitude of words cannot exist without a lie.

They were under the magical influence of the night.

Francisco was killed by a stray bullet.


Modern art has no interest for me.

We like the extreme cold of Alaska.

I really want to be able to speak French fluently.

She often asks silly questions.

Thank you for coming to meet me.

What?! You ate my chocolate bear?!

I can't think of anything that would help.

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Gunter managed to escape through a window.


Hundreds of soldiers ate in silence around their campfires.

We're all created equal.

We cut the pie in two.

Maybe I should go get you some water.

I'm not ready to retire.


Is there anything I can do for you before I leave?

The cops like the victim's boyfriend for the murder.

Shari told the police that Rogue had eaten at the restaurant in question before she died.

We've been here before.

I have to go now. Did you see where I put my things?


Again, there is another side to the story.

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He fancies himself ill.

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This, the first of the miraculous signs, Jesus performed in Cana in Galilee.


They asked me for something to drink.

This guy's photos truly have a touch of genius to them.

Thanks for the kiss.

Can't you tell what to do?

Whose umbrella did you use?


Donna showed me the poems that he'd written when he was a teenager.