• INTERVIEW: Christian Joy, Costume Designer
    photo: ioulex.com

    Christian Joy on deconstructing old punk looks for Karen O and the influence of John Waters' bizarre characters.

  • INTERVIEW: Jerry Schatzberg, Filmmaker & Photographer

    Legendary filmmaker and photographer Jerry Schatzberg talks about running the 60's nightlife scene and working with Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and Al Pacino.


    Peter McGough of the art duo McDermott & McGough on dandyism and the late 70's East Village Underground film scene.

  • INTERVIEW: John Beckmann, Architect & Designer

    Architectural hacker, John Beckmann breaks down the city's lagging avant garde architecture scene.

  • INTERVIEW: Michael Halsband, Photographer

    Photographer Michael Halsband recalls the late 70's East Village scene and his days on tour photographing bands like The Rolling Stones, AC/DC and The Clash.

  • INTERVIEW: Ray Tintori, Filmmaker

    Filmmaker Ray Tintori tells us how he got started working with Jan Svankmajer, MGMT and Spike Jonze.

  • INTERVIEW: Vito Acconci, Architect

    Architecture's enfant terrilbe, Vito Acconci discusses the influence of Blade Runner and explains why New York City might need more parasitic architecture.

  • Video: Veronica Vasicka, Minimal Wave

    Minimal Wave founder Veronica Vasicka breaks down the retro inspired genre she helped define.



  • self-widowered

    (801) 395-9790

    Jonathan Leder & Danielle Luft

    "Pornography has a very dirty and cheap connotation but I dont see anything about our magazine being dirty or cheap."
  • 6032815661

    Veronica Vasicka

    Minimal Wave

    "I think this music is the soundtrack to city living. To me it sounds really organic even though it's made with machines."
  • semilanceolate

    Jim Walrod & Hester Diamond

    Interior Designers

    "I should thank the Diamonds for giving me a career and Mike D for calling me 'The Furniture Pimp'. I'll never live that one down."
  • 865-313-4760

    (815) 997-3887


    "The art scene has changed. I don’t think it’s very exciting. I think it’s very corporate and a little boring."
  • 310-296-8655


    Punk Legend

    "My sound is authentic and honest. You can hear Brooklyn coming through it."
  • unindemnified

    Susan Blond

    Warhol Star & Publicist

    "Bad was an Andy Warhol movie I was in. I had an important role, which was throwing a baby out a window."
  • Noémie Lafrance

    Site-Specific Choreographer

    "Some of the places I've created shows are abandoned and not what people usually see as beautiful. It's nice to reinvent it's meaning."
  • (708) 230-0916

    (928) 234-0961

    Pigeon Fancier

    "Racing pigeons is a big money game. It's generally a 'made man's' sport."
  • (605) 420-7550



    "I have my own issues with exploitative sex and porn and when I make sexually explicit work I'm really exploring my own questions."
  • (609) 633-2219

    Fred Cray


    "Setting myself on fire was a trial and error process. There was some pain..."
  • (310) 773-1564

    Josh Hadar

    Bike Builder

    "This has become an obsession, a sickness. I have about 30 different ideas for bikes in my head at any given time."
  • 303-801-4426

    Molly Crabapple


    "I am an illustrator, which in the art world, is very much equivalent to whore."