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Come and see me on Sunday next week.

Give me some advice.

I lost control.


So what else is new?

We won't know whether we can do it or not unless we try.

Without your help this plan would be impossible.

Wait till I count to ten.

Whoever wants the book may have it.

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That's doubtful.

Axel told me he loves me.

We see that it's happening.

I hope Dylan never gets caught.

I hope that helps.


The chimpanzee is an intelligent creature, capable of solving simple problems.

The huge building seemed to touch the sky.

The cat is chasing after the squirrel.

I should like to introduce to you the gentleman I spoke of the other day.

We shouldn't have come.

The hen had very short legs, so she was called "Chickie short legs." She laid good eggs, and her mistress loved her as if she had been her own child.

Everything seemed to change.

I'm leaving for Chicago next Saturday morning.

Hold on a minute, please. I'll see if he is in.

I went through the room into the garden.

She was in dire straits, but made a virtue out of necessity.

Rajeev is getting prepared to join the loop.

Many people don't brush their teeth after lunch.

You may go or stay at will.

I hope they find Andy.

I want them to call every day.

Hard work and dedication will bring you success.

This vacuum cleaner is noisy.

Jared died three days before he was to receive the award.


It did not teach her to speak.


It was attractive.

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I only met him once.

Situation seems to be the mould in which men's characters are formed.

The price does not include the box.

Ernest and Ramanan awoke to find water lapping at the door of their tent.

I know exactly where I left my keys.

That's what I wanted to talk to you about.

It wasn't long before Myrick was able to swim well.

Your problems are over.

Kim told Hartmann that she should study harder.


So far, nobody's laughed at any of Nicholas's jokes.

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I think Nils is afraid of you.


He eats, breathes and sleeps computers.

We've got to get better.

It isn't as if we were rich.

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It's not a suitable topic for discussion.

The best thing to do is to ask an expert to repair it.

I bought this book in Boston last month.

Uri knows exactly who I am.

You're a cruel man.


Frankly speaking, he is an unreliable man.

Is Christian intrigued?

We're in trouble now.

Art takes many forms.

"What's wrong?" "The speakers aren't working well."

I have some money.

I'm hungry. What about you?

Let me call my wife and tell her I won't be home for dinner.

Winston believes you have something to do with it.

I was in London for almost the entire summer.

It's about time you got the tea ready.


My brother did it on my behalf.


I would like to send a package to Japan.


I wouldn't like that.


Can I order from the breakfast menu?


I have breakfast every morning.

I think Matt will be OK.

We've reached the point where a street hooker is explaining how to make something of yourself!

Dawson is only five, but he already knows how to read.

You should pack a lunch so you'll have something to eat on your hike.

We're not having a very good time.

The child crashed his model train into his sister's dollhouse.

It is hard work to keep my room in proper order.

You promise me you won't leave me before the altar?


Moe believes that there are good and evil demons.

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I'd like to buy a washing machine.


We tried to restrain him from his reckless action.

Lori needs a male role model.

It was only a whim.


I thought I could do it, but it was more difficult than I expected it to be.

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Is there anything to drink in the fridge?

Our stuff got stolen, and we missed our train.

All the villages were beautiful.

Where do you go to school?

Tor has been lying about that.

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Wade was hoping to earn enough to buy something to eat.

I'm aware of the risks.

This is the office in which he works.

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"Are you a teacher?" "Yes, I am."

I'll clear these dishes away.

He thought of himself as being charming enough.

Doyle heard everything they said.

Much caution does no harm.

We're grateful to you for what you did.

I see no point in continuing this conversation.

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Narendra and I don't share the same values.

She has one cat.

They strengthened the embankments to secure the village against floods.

That can be adjusted in the current year still.

You don't sound very optimistic.

He is out of the office.

I went all the way to see my friend, only to find him absent.

If you take this medicine, you'll feel a lot better.

Now, let me answer your question, please.

Will you give me a drink?

Why don't you ask them that?

Copernicus proposed the idea that the Earth travels around the Sun.

Harv and Cathryn just got back today.

I hadn't realized how boring Elric was.

Many languages use English words.

No official complaint was filed.

Murray didn't suspect anything.

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"Whose gloves are these?" "They are Lisa's."

I expect her to come back before lunch.

Can anyone tell me what I should do next?


You aren't here.

Markus won't be a problem.

We were surprised to hear him make such scathing remarks about his best friend.

Are you scared of him?

Please find the solution.

It wasn't that good.

Do you have a name picked out for your baby?

I'm living with my parents.

The two of you are watching.

People were weeping at the news of his death.

It could always be worse.

He is planning to develop his business.

I have more than one thing I'm good at.


The one who wrote, read twice.

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Sedovic is moving back home.

Dominic would be so happy.

Come feel my forehead.

I was helping out.

We need everyone to be patient.

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Their job is to iron clothes.

Sal was here yesterday.

That is a pagoda.


Is there anything in particular I should be doing?

That'd be great.

Are all the windows shut?


It was just a feeling.

It's a good idea to bring something to slip on over your bathing suit.

I guess they really weren't all that hungry.


Don asked us not to come.

It wouldn't last.

I want to live my life without stress and worries. I don't need to be rich or famous, I just want to be happy.

With all due respect.

I can't wait until next week.

You're hopeless.

Help yourself to the cookies, Dustin.

Anyone could just walk in.

Lanny punched a hole in the wall after his team lost the grand final.

In the face of ruthless competition, our business failed to survive.

We could go together.

Elwood knows what's worth paying attention to.

Look at that big hammer.


I wonder who it was.

School bores me.

He might be our new teacher.

She left a message.

I think I can probably speak French better than Raphael.

Bill is still a legendary figure in this company.

He told me that his grandfather is over ninety.