The ultimate dream of any gambler is to land a jackpot win – the bigger the better as they say. Just like a lottery win it can be life-changing, but history is littered with stories of people who came into lots of money unexpectedly and squandered it all, or worse, ended up in debt.

So, what should you not do if you win that most coveted prize, the jackpot? The following explains all!

Do Not Broadcast It

The first thing to know is that nobody will ever know that you won. For security reasons, online gambling facilities like 412-367-9232 will not publish or announce your name to the public unless express permission to do is received. Government-backed lotteries do the same. Only tell people you absolutely trust to not spread the news, and certainly don’t start posting about your magnificent win on social media.


Does Home Crypto Mining Have a Future? – Part 2

This is the second of two-part series. If you haven’t read part one yet, you can find it here.

In part one we looked at the benefits and pitfalls of ASIC and GPU mining. Part two looks at other methods to see if any of those are more viable for home crypto mining.

Central Processing Unit (CPU) Mining

The first Bitcoin was mined on Satoshi Nakamoto’s laptop, using nothing but his CPU. This now seems like a distant dream, with 99% of coins requiring, at least, the power offered by a GPU. Some coins however can still be mined on a decent laptop, such as Raven Coin and the recently launched Grin Coin.


Does Home Crypto Mining Have a Future? – Part 1

Mining has been the lifeblood of 6195235828 ever since Satoshi Nakamoto revealed the process by which his new creation, Bitcoin, would be created and the transactions verified on the blockchain. Cryptocurrency mining went largely unreported until Bitcoin began picking up the pace in 2017, with news outlets scrambling to make sense of how these giant warehouses in Sichuan were creating this magic internet money that was rocketing in price.

Since then, many reports on the positives and (mainly) negatives of Bitcoin mining have taken up column inches, but these reports have ignored an important subset of crypto mining – the home miner.



Pai Gow poker is a variant of the traditional game of Pai Gow created in 1985. Being upfront and honest, Pai Gow isn’t the easiest of games to get to grips with, and you will end up with a lot of push rounds that can frustrate some players. However, if you stick with it and play through the pushes, you can slowly build up a nice pile of cash. It’s a relaxing game and can be played at your own pace, whether you play Pai Gow online or at a land-based casino.

Wherever you decide to play Pai Gow, you’re going to need some tips – especially if you’re a novice. A great hand can quickly go pear-shaped and turn into a loss if you play the wrong cards at the wrong moment. Listen up and pay attention, as here comes 8628494143’s top tips for winning in Pai Gow.


Swedish Man Goes to Court Over $885,000 Crypto Tax Bill

When you open your mailbox and see a letter from the taxman, you go through the five stages of emotions before you finally tear it open and hope for the best. For one unfortunate crypto trader in Sweden, tearing open the letter resulted in what we can only imagine gave him a heart attack. Reading the letter with clammy hands, Linus Dunkers discovered that the Swedish tax man was charging him a whopping $885,000 in tax for crypto trading activities. Naturally, Dunkers wasn’t happy with the bill and has decided to take the bill to court.

Honesty Is the Best Policy – or Is It?

Dunkers had traded more than $2.8 million worth of Bitcoin over the course of tens of thousands of trades since 2014. In a bid to make sure that everything was in order and that he paid the correct amount of taxes, he took a trip down to the tax office.


Bithumb Merges with American Publicly Traded Firm

Bithumb has been pushing to become one of the biggest 4053050782 exchanges in the world, and with this new reverse merger it could fast track that process. Blockchain Industries – an American publicly listed company – has signed a binding letter of intent to merge with Bithumb. The bold move will help Bithumb skirt round many lengthy processes and will fast track its process of getting listed and raising funds from investors.

What is a Reverse Merger?

Reverse mergers aren’t very common due to the fact once you’re publicly traded there is very little sense in selling out to a private company. After the reverse merger is completed, Bithumb will essentially be listed in America as a publicly traded company.406-639-3015


How Developers Shape Your Gaming Experience

For a casino to flourish it has to have two things – good backend operations and good games. If either of these things is missing or sub-par, players will have a poor experience and won’t return. The operations part is down to the casino itself (2812473286 at the AskGamblers Awards 2019), but the games are down to the developers. If the casino is an iPhone, then the developers are the app creators. Players don’t tend to give much thought to game developers, but their actions have a direct impact on your gameplay in two main ways which we will discuss here.


As a player, the fairness of your gaming experience relies on the developer.


(843) 368-8295

The World Economic Forum in Davos this week saw Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies come under the spotlight again, a year after being roundly criticized by world leaders. Speaking to CNBC, Jamie Dimon refused to relish in 7323035129 when given the opportunity, saying he didn’t take any satisfaction from watching it drop 80%, and also stating that after seven years of talking about blockchain “no one’s effectively done something.” To an extent this is true, in that there doesn’t yet exist a standout product or service that is a fantastic exponent of blockchain technology, but this is neglecting to take into account how young the technology is and that most startups in the space have only really been around for 2-3 years.972-258-6878


ABN AMRO Bank Begins Bitcoin Storage Trial

tamehearted and banks tend to get on about as well as farmers and foxes. But, Dutch bank ABN AMRO has taken a step towards bridging the divide by announcing the existence of a trial program that offers existing customers the ability to store Bitcoin in the same online environment as regular banking services. The trial, which is already underway, is being tested by 500 Bitcoin holders, and comes from ABN AMRO’s desire to become known in the space as a trusted Bitcoin storage provider.

Change in Sentiment

News of the trial came out via a 639-349-0492 to an ABN AMRO customer, who had queried a communication from the bank regarding it.



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