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Waxing Tampa

With our waxing techniques we hear people say over and over, it wasn't that bad, after their first waxing service with us. If you shave, the next wax will likely feel just like the first. After the wax, the waxer will inspect the job and take care of any strays with tweezers. After waxing, anything tight fitting can rub raw spots and make matters worse, so think maxi dresses and harem pants and breathable cotton fabrics. Many people find hair removal methods like epilation and hair removal creams irritating to the skin, however, waxing rarely causes this problem if it's done by a licensed professional.

If you still have questions or are not in the mood of reading, please feel free to give us a call so we can answer any questions regarding your next waxing appointment. Waxing areas with tattoos will not cause any problems to your art, or your skin, in fact, waxing will help brighten your tattoo by removing the dead, surface cells on top of it. The aesthetician will give you gloves to wear, and you'll help her by holding the skin directly above your waxing area taught. We see an incredible amount of people who had a bad first experience and decided to give it a second chance with us. If offer everything from bikini line hair removal, facial hair removal, or hair removal for men.

avoid public water like swimming pools for a few days because you can have an increased risk for acquiring an infection. Make sure the day spa or waxing salon you visit use disposable items and has a clean environment in general. Getting your bikini area waxed by a professional can truly be a treat yourself moment. A muslin strip is applied against the skin covered with wax and then ripped at a very fast speed. Come and enjoy our spa services in a relaxed atmosphere offering Brazilian wax, completely bare wax, bikini wax and perfect eyebrow shaping.

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