sansChange is a social-mission start-up focussed on combating urban poverty
An innovative way to tackle homelessness and reintroduce underprivileged people back to society and employment.
An alternative solution powered by our users to support the rehabilitation of shelterless homeless.

How it works

The main function of sansChange is to connect the public with the homeless on the streets and their stories. sansChange also enables public to transparently fund the welfare of the homeless by directly donating towards their goal or immediate needs

Step 1


Simply scan the QR code displayed next to the homeless using your smartphone

Step 2


Connect to their stories and understand their immediate needs and goals

Step 3


Support the homeless by donations that goes 100% towards their development and needs

Watch a video to understand

Success Stories

Emily Bennett

Last year, [Emily] was working in Dublin and living in a privately-rented flat, where she had lived for five years. Then in February, everything changed. She lost her job and had to sign on for subsidies and unemployment benefits. Soon after, she was evicted from her long-term apartment, because she was no longer able to pay rent. She became homeless and went into depression. 

However, her life changed when Emily joined the Miller Fresh Start work placement scheme through sansChange. She has been there for six months and says about it: “ I’m enjoying the work so much, and I’ve learned a lot. My colleagues have been so supportive!” .

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