That's what happened before.


I was a bit embarrassed.


I've been married for thirty years.

How could I hate Part?

It was a tradition.

The property passed from father to son.

I gave Jingbai my car keys.

I didn't look at it myself.

I feel like taking a trip.


Are they free on Friday afternoon?

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You can't start over.


On arriving at the station, I called a friend of mine.


Fake it till you make it, Nathaniel.


This mango tree provides quite a bit of shade.

Carol still has feelings for Jussi.

Joe started retreating.

Put that book aside for me.

Their claims were as follows.

Do you prefer mornings or evenings shifts?

You're three centimeters taller than me.


Oh that I had never married.


He's an outlaw.

I always take my tea with sugar.

Kris walked to the gate.


He is such a tall man that he can touch the ceiling.

Paola looks unnerved.

Nobody else believes Griff is still alive.

Johann took everything from us.

There is no access to the building from this direction.

I'm pretty sure Suzanne knows we're here.

We'll have a great time tomorrow.

I demand that he be punished.

I take it you've never seen Maarten kiss Darci.


Wendi won this one.

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I know you'll enjoy Randell's concert.

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The third quarter GNP growth was 1% over the preceding quarter.

Would you care for more cookies?

That is recorded in the minutes.

Business before pleasure.

Who is the man playing the piano?

My children often ask me for money.

What'll you do to us?

I will let you know after I have inquired once more.

I feel very obligated to you.


I was very fortunate.


But for my family, I would not work so hard.

Everyone is angry.

It's not appropriate to give tips in Japan.

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You have only to do as you were told.


Nick never had to worry about money.

Christian found himself a seat.

Reading comics is usually viewed as the pastime of children.

I'm sure that family is familiar with Japanese tastes in food. They've hosted quite a few Japanese exchange students.

Get started.


Does Rajarshi have an appointment?

I had to walk home.

Is it true that you alluded to an intention to divorce Taninna?

I'm proud of this team.

Jimmy gave a sigh of relief.

She's nuts.

I'm going to write him a note.


I often play volleyball.

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The request was denied.


The church stands on the hill.

She is like a mother to me.

I really like your website.

Isn't it neat?

Have you ever sold a car?

I can't be late today.

May I go over to Gunter's house to play?


Tollefsen was definitely bought off.


Sandra said he just got back from Boston.

Was there fresh bread in the box?

Randall missed the net.

My right hand is numb.

I am a farmer.

Victor Hugo's house is in Vosges Square in Paris.

There was a different kind of atmosphere in the headquarters.

Which is more important, economic development or environmental protection?

How come you never told Roxane about Alastair?


I can't answer for his dishonesty.

I saw Thomas with Ken in the park.

He wants one.

Don't fire until I give the word.

I see Sherman as cunning rather than clever.


The purpose of this challenge is to entertain the public.

That sounds like treason to me.

What are you guys doing tonight?

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None but the brave deserve our respect.


We've just finished remodeling our basement.

My meals are prepared by my mother.

The older we grow, the more forgetful we become.

Whose is this book?

With the toilet queue getting too long, do you think we'll make it back in time for the curtain?

What page?

This is my city now.

Don't leave your dog inside all day.

I'm in Rome.

How cold is too cold?

I haven't slept with him recently.

I paid ten dollars for a cheeseburger that has no cheese.

I was the second to last person to hear the bad news.

Patrick can play nearly as well as Lui.

This is one of the most beautiful paintings I've ever seen


You've betrayed us again.

I wish that I had studied harder.

They were hunting for bodies among the ruins.

You have no right to give me orders.

We need a car.

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I'm not as happy now.


I call upon the scientific community in our country, those who gave us nuclear weapons, to turn their great talents now to the cause of mankind and world peace: to give us the means of rendering these nuclear weapons impotent and obsolete.

Everything I once loved has been destroyed.

The children are blowing bubbles.


She was twice mistaken for a Spaniard.

Alastair managed to open the locked door.

Next time lucky.


We appreciate you coming.

Jisheng didn't buy what I asked him to.

The musician plays the bagpipe.

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Tell Susumu yourself.

That man is a person who borrows money from many lenders.

We don't have any kids yet.

I'll give you a book.

Sidney couldn't decide when to leave.

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Does she sing?

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I want to protect them.

I was told that Reid now lives in Boston.

Gregg has a dairy farm.

Roger Miller learned to play the guitar and the violin. Much later, he learned to play the drums.

The young boy is in danger of drowning.

A mile is equal to about 1600 meters.

Shouldn't be much longer and the anesthesia will wear off.


The new method is well worth consideration.

Following urination I feel as though I still have to go more.

Douglas and Pontus value their privacy.


Ann knows Gregge would never do such a thing.

Let us know what you hear.

He tried to borrow a large sum of money from them in vain.

There were no other injuries.

I'll see if I can find out why Albert isn't here.

I just got a raise.

I can't excuse his laziness.


Don't step in the flower bed.

He had not even spoken to the president about it.

My daughter's slowness to take action is a pain.

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It glows in the dark.


Don't play on the job.


He insured his new house against fire.

I had to try something.

Doug didn't want to tell Dory anything.

Thursday night is free beer night.

The sense of humor is mysteriously bound up with national characteristics.

The plenary seat of the European Parliament is in Strasbourg.

He has an evident need of medical attention.


Are you going to continue working until 10:00?

There are many scenic places in Xinjiang.

How often do you shave your legs?