Johann left his car in the long-stay car park before catching his flight.

How did Collin know?

I'd rather not discuss him.

I don't really use Facebook that much.

Meat often gets discounted just before closing time.

Let's meet at the same place that we met last time.

She took a typical example of modern music.

She's not coming back.


An exclusively behavioral approach to psychology ignores family problems, school situations, and a host of other issues that can adversely affect a child's emotional and psychological growth.

How many dolls do you have?

You have "lies" written all over your face.


I, for one, don't like pictures like this.

I never really cared for that.

Leo didn't move a muscle.

We didn't break in.

Ernest batted the ball over the fence.


The rain changed into snow.

We need a medic.

Ian stayed out all night.

I don't want you to worry that much about it.

Shall we rest a bit?


Noone knows what will happen in the future.


Did anyone else help you?

The police could not establish the identity of the man.

Rod says his left leg hurts.

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The chairman rejected the proposal.

That's obscene.

Can't this wait until tomorrow?


She can play the piano.

She has an eye on a good bargain.

Go as fast as possible.

We weren't given any food or water.

You were his only friend.

I'm not wearing a wig.

I not only gave him some advice, I also gave him a blowjob.

We passed one test, but failed the other.

Do it carefully. I don't like botched jobs.

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Do you really need to hurry up?

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Vick did not resist.

Johann was just being honest.

He received four e-mails.


It was not easy to find gold.

Romain wasn't punished.

I wonder whether you understand.


When was the last time you helped Pieter do his homework?

We think you're in danger.

It sounds familiar.

I have hopes of doing well in that business.

How did you get out of doing that?

My computer froze up.

Did you get my letter?

I'm going to Stockholm.

It's dangerous to play with fire.

Mario grows bigger when he eats a mushroom.

Victoria seems to be doing fine.

We slept on the same bed, but between us there was nothing... unfortunately.

The bus fares have been raised by 20 percent.

Hold the candle.

Julianto can't decide whether or not to buy the dress.

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Deal me in.

Be careful. This may be the last time in your life you make a mistake.

Donne agrees with you.


There is superstition in Brazil.

I just told him we're dating.

You must not only vote, you have an obligation to.


Ozan has overstayed his visa.

Pamela and Case had consensual sex.

Come round the corner for coffee.

You have nice skin.

Ben was afraid to show his father his report card.

You can read any book that interests you.

I smiled and pretended I was happy.

And now everything's changed, but I haven't.

Miwako, I want you to meet Kenny.

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It took Kevyn a long time to get over Hillel.

I was surprised at her sudden visit.

Don't let him switch on the lamp.


I want to know all about you.

I don't know how they spotted me.

Can I drive the tractor?

What bands do you like?

The purpose of punctuation is to help the reader.

Albert wasn't worried about getting caught.

Tobias has kept it a secret for all of these years.

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You're contributing.

I need to have a word with him.

That proposal may be a way to kill two birds with one stone, but we also have to be careful not to get greedy and spoil everything.

Carelessness was looked on as a serious defect.

Did you hear about Jones's plans for the weekend?

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People who suffer from apnoea may get some relief by sleeping on one side instead of on the back or by elevating the upper body during sleep.

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You will be on your own.


The customer insisted on a price reduction because of defects in the product.


It just so happened that Mr Yamada came from the same town.

"Do you do charity?" "Of course. Very much. I put likes and make reposts for those who need help."

Do you think Nichael looks like his mother?


Do you have a drug problem?


The musician shook his head and pushed his little piano away.

Barney says that the three of you are his brothers.

I support him.

Have you told anyone about this problem?

They hid their worries from their wives.


We were crushed into the crowded train.

It didn't make the cut.

Mom is washing the dog because he's dirty.

I was bored and I fell asleep.

Poverty is the mother of all vices.

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You can be charged with criminal assault without actually touching the victim.

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I decided to just go for it.


I apologize for this methods in getting you here.

He comes of good stock.

That is my overcoat.

A few days after his thirteenth birthday, Tony, too, graduated from school.

What is your ultimate goal in your life?

We're finding it difficult deciding on which one to buy.

I told you to stay away.

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I don't think I'll be able to pass the test.

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We plan to spend Christmas with my wife's family this year.

Falling interest rates have stimulated the automobile market.

What good are they?

There was a deer in the road.

They replaced coal with oil.

Honey, I can explain.

Wishing you a Halloween filled with fun.

From start to finish, there was nothing wrong with his behavior.

What use is a glass, if you don't have anything to pour into it?


She believes you.

He has worked in Hanoi before.

He proceeded in the face of danger.

Gategno explained in a press interview that the restriction of access to the e-mail service had nothing to do with the release of the inflammatory video.

I believe the ship will arrive on schedule.

Could you please tell Lisa to be quiet?

It's a school holiday tomorrow, so I'm planning to go somewhere and have fun.

None of us will go to Boston with Rodger.

I'm at an office party.

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I know why Milner quit his job.


We are entitled to vote at the age of twenty.


Nobody believed me.

You are my one thing.

We're going to have a wonderful time.

Tor and Donal are having a difficult conversation.

Would you ever go out with a guy who couldn't sing?

Judge is different.

When was this university founded?

An orange tree provides an orange.

We'll contact you as soon as we can.


The terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.

Could you help me write a letter in French?

It doesn't taste very good.

This air corridor is largely run by military aircraft.

Donnie should help Amir.

"Past tense" is used in connection with actions in the past.

Ami went without eating for several days.

The price they are charging seems reasonable.

I sense that something is wrong.

These are tough times.

I haven't learned much yet.


So what's on your mind?

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Dani is tired of all your complaining.

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You made her do it, didn't you?

There are many words with meanings I don't know.

We are open to all suggestions regarding the new design of the website.

Whatever you do, don't forget this.

Julius took his dog to the vet.