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I haven't had one complaint about Sergeant.

"Does your watch keep good time?" "No, it gains ten minutes a day."

Washington was a good leader of America.

I wouldn't want to be a judge.

I heard you sold your farm.


I feel very sorry for your sister.

I need to go milk the cows.

I don't think I should borrow any more money.

Be sure to lock the door before you go to bed.

Is there something you're hiding?


He had a share in completing the job.


Is that a serious question?

My daughter has grown into a dress my wife used to wear.

I'm studying languages by myself.

She says that she can see through walls.

Excuse me, but could you scoot over a little bit, please?

I'm afraid that I've caused a slight disturbance.

You haven't gotten in touch with Shahid yet, have you?


These are the simple facts.

Are you Hungarian?

Remove the cap from the ink refill bottle, fill the dropper with ink, and drip an appropriate amount onto the marker's core.

Do you recognize that girl?

Christopher should take Avery's advice.

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Keep on swimming up to your limit.


Thanks for helping us out, doctor.


I feel sorry for her.


I told you I was busy.

I'd like to thank the staff of both organization for all the work done.

It's eleven years old.


Everywhere he goes, he tells a lie.


Coleen couldn't believe that he'd ever be able to play the guitar.

The crow thinks her own birds fairest.

We'd already expected you yesterday, but you haven't come yet. Come tomorrow at the latest!


I'm not sure I can be of any help.

I broke my leg.

No looks very comfortable.


But in the last fifty years the temperature increased one and a half degrees.


Do you see my book?

Randall is unnecessary.

What you have just said reminds me of an old saying.


The price of my piano lessons includes the use of the piano.

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I can't wait for the weekend to begin.

Leigh said he didn't mean to hit me.

Which one is your bag?


The chief pronounced that the technique was inadequate.


Cliff isn't very good-looking.

Annie resigned the next day.

We failed to bring him to agree to our plan.

Toft works for an American company.

All Beckie wanted was eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.

I'll see her later.

My grandmother was a farmer.


He's always been very affectionate with his in-laws.


What's the saddest song in the world?

It has fertile soil where corn be grown.

Saiid is in a hurry to catch the train.

He is so heartless.

That dog is too dangerous to be left loose.


You're a slob.

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Don't you have classes today?

You really look great.

Kathleen denied that he was the thief.


I've never heard Sangho speaking French before.


Will you be home next weekend?


I talk to him all the time.

Toerless believes that the death penalty should be abolished.

You didn't find it, did you?

How was the spice pudding?

There's someone in there.

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Don't let him give up.

Come and tell me in my room.

Can you supply me with everything I need?

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You don't need to attend every argument you are invited to.

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I'm willing to pay you a lot of money to do that.

I have no choice but to do what Hamilton asked me to do.

Freedom. On my school notebooks. On my school desk and the trees. On the sand of the snow. I write your name.

In a packed bus, it would infuriate me to miss my stop on account of other passengers.

Go get your hair cut.


It's not surprising.


A study shows air pollution from forest fires exacerbates existing lung problems.

Plastic wanted to be a scientist.

Can you hear the cat? She's wanting in.


My cold is getting worse.


Roman asked for directions to the nearest hospital.

I saw the data.

It is usually hot in July.

A lot of companies have pared their staff down to a minimum.

I didn't shoot Evelyn.


What did you order?

Debbie is resolute.

We'll plan for the future.

I like all vegetables except cabbage.

He doesn't have any real friends.


Please come around someday when you aren't busy.

You are truly an antidote for my melancholy.

Is there anything you'd like to say?

An important function of the Skylab space station was to take photographs of the Earth using special infrared cameras. One of the pictures enabled scientists to help famine victims in Africa find water.

Nicolo is in Boston on business.

Kees is like his father.

You should be in bed.


Spencer is a self-taught musician. He learned how to play the guitar and the piano by himself.

I wouldn't want you to think I was mean.

Rodent wiped the sweat from his forehead.

Is Stevan smiling?

You've made a good many mistakes.

We'll need you in a few hours.

I can't prove it.

I'm not always right.

That was a waste of time.

Those books that are in the box have all been read.

She took my joke seriously.

Is there any other way besides extraction?

Rain is an infrequent occurance in this part of the country.


His sweater is gray.


It's likely to rain today, so you'd better take your umbrella.

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He set out on a trip.

I know exactly where it is.

Tai is a piano tuner.

Mahmoud will take Monica's job.

Have you ever signed a contract?

The mayor of Naples has apologised to a US tourist who was beaten up by local residents shortly after he was mugged.

Her means are small.


Venkata blew Dewey a kiss.

He asked me if he could see me again.

After his heart attack, Jim had to cut down on his sugar intake.


I saw him go inside.

Drive on.

I've been interested in art ever since I was just a kid.


He is not running in the coming election.

I didn't have time to write the report.

That's the change we need.

We must get out of here.

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Trevor is concerned.

I can't keep up with Louis.

Sport in America is very important.

Paola is listening to music.

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Ariel has done enough already.

She is a famous Philadelphia lawmaker.

I don't know if I'll have time.

How did Chip find us?

That's the house where Nou was born.

Unfortunately, the soup is only warm.

I washed my shirt.


Socorrito has been reported missing.

We must stop Reid from doing that.

Some children learn languages easily and others with difficulty.

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Kris got out of the pool and then jumped back in.

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Victoria wrung the chicken's neck.

Ray smiled reassuringly.

When did you see him last?

I wanted to see what would happen.

I don't like him coming to my house so often.

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I don't have any trouble believing that.