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He's very sexy.

Clarence knows the way to Elvis's house.

Are you brave?

I think we can begin.

Get on the bus one by one.

It's questionable.

What is the difference between 'city' and 'town'?

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I never dreamed so many people would come to my concert.

We can walk back.

Get out of bed.

Is it OK if I drink alcohol?

I cannot hear anything. I'm deaf.

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How many kidneys does a human being have?

He has set up a new business.

I didn't know that about Dirk.

I need to let Siegurd know.

I didn't hurt Andrea.

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All the same, I want to see it.

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I'll get right on that.

My father is far from artistic.

Charley told me about this place.

What do we have?

I've never stopped loving Sho.

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Everett is getting under my skin.

I'm using the computer.

When did he go?

He asked the first person he met near the village.

Please don't call me that.

I doubt that we'll ever be invited back.

I have more than I dreamed I ever would.

You cannot go any farther.

Don't ask me that.

The gates are now closing.

Nothing seems to scare you.

A true friend would advise you.

Vishal went that way.

The meeting can't be held until Monday at earliest.

I must ride a bicycle.


Your mother must have been very disappointed.

They had me blindfolded.

After the king's death Elsa became queen.

I was grateful.

It made her sad.

Take this umbrella with you lest you should get wet and catch cold.

And so the two little rabbits lived together happily in the big forest; eating dandelions, playing Jump The Daisies, Run Through The Clover and Find The Acorn all day long.

I think that'll be enough.

Ramneek had never seen anything like that before.

They liked to play in the snow.

When the dog is happy it wags its tail.

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Corn is the most highly subsidized crop in America.

I got nothing.

He's very much interested in the Japanese language.

Clem cut up all the pictures he had of Knut.

We were miserable.

Rathnakumar told me that he wasn't afraid of ghosts.

The doctor prescribed two dialy doses to the patient.

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Jorge grew up in foster care.

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You can keep this tape until tomorrow.

We must pay in cash.

She's got two teeth?

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It staggered me!


I hope Lana can help you.

The river flooded the whole region.

Hi! Just checking to see if you are free tonight.

He speaks French, not to speak of English.

Pierette looked outside.

I don't know what I can do to help.

Your face is black. Did you come from a coal mine?


She is making tea.

There's someone I'm in (unrequited) love with, but that person is busy now and I don't get replies to my emails.

It was last year.

I feel like taking a day off tomorrow.

Elias has three uncles in Boston.

Were you with her that night?

I dream about you quite often.


We couldn't understand what the baby was trying to say.


He helped me to move.

I think this belongs to you.

I waited a month.


Edwin told me to invite you to his party.

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Rayan is doing his best.

My grandmother loves watching TV.

I am looking forward to Christmas.

He ruined his body by drinking too much.

I wrote to my teacher in English.

You should begin with books you can easily understand.

If you move a step, and you will be a dead man.


Uri and I had a cup of coffee together this morning.


If you'd kiss me, I'd be happy.

I walked about aimlessly on the street.

This treaty ensures peace.

I'll be the one who has to tell Konrad, not you.

Say I am sick!

That woman is much older than I.

I'm ill.


Laurie was probably pondering something.


I thought Jeannette would say hi.


I'm sorry to be so late. The meeting completely slipped my mind.


I've got to find out what's going on.

Don't do anything.

Dan had to cover Linda's funeral costs.


It was a quiet night.

You're being very unfair to me.

Can I have a second?


Whose umbrella is this?


Our money is gone.

Allan and Rudolf used to be married to each other.

When Caleb began studying culinary arts, the instructing chef made him practice cutting up onions and carrots as uniformly as possible.

I'm in pain.

My family is under the control of my mother.


We must not laugh at the poor.

Kari, I bet you'd be a good teacher.

Could you please do something?

Who is essential for that?

He was so sad that he almost went mad.

He walked toward the door.

What are these things?


When she called, I jumped up.

It's very short.

It's imperative to go out.

I should've been more specific.

My brothers left and we stayed here.

That would be unprofessional.

Your attendance will affect your final grade.

He was greatly respected; while his son was as much despised.

Is the electricity included in the rent?

We'll keep in touch.

Ever since I learned about the existence of the university, I wanted to attend it.

Paula is a proud warrior.

The oil spill polluted the bay.

You fool, I had to do it!

I'll go myself.

We used to have a cat, but one day it disappeared.

No one's certain.

I feel it's a waste of time.

You'd better have your hair cut at once.

I would like to kill time with you, against me.

Shamim is quite drunk.

The air was full of flying bullets.

They live in a rundown tenement on 5th St.

The loss reached three million yen.

I make panna cotta without using gelatin.


Electric cars are not actually green.


I am not breaking anything.

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This chair needs to be fixed.


I really felt good.

Mulligan has been riding high since he seized the crown in a come-from-behind victory 14 months ago.

I gave it to Knudsen yesterday.

Lars probably thought I didn't like him.

Modern ships only need a small crew.

He was always trying to provoke an argument.

My father played golf on the Sunday morning.


To our great disappointment we failed to carry out intention.

I'd like to see my son.

What is the most romantic city in the world?

The funeral was yesterday.

Do you wish to make any other transaction?

The old man you just saw is my grandfather.

This hat is too small for me.

Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.

Your life may be in danger.

Shel is a very talented musician.

She was beside herself with joy at the news.

Send them home.

I am learning Spanish.

You made the right choice.

Do you think that the minimum wage should be raised?