She traveled all over Europe last month.


I have two children and they will soon arrive.

Mwa is refusing to help us.

I'll have to see how my schedule looks.


I'll send word to Elias.

Shatter used to do it all the time.

Are you saying that Knut is a traitor?

They spent part of the afternoon strolling through the city.

It'll be entertaining, if nothing else.


I thought you looked beautiful in that dress.

I watched him die.

Roman won't believe me.


He always listens to serious music.


I think about that every single day.

Do the dancing maidens sleep, or are they dead? The scent of the flower says that they are corpses. The evening bell tolls their knell.

You seem like you're in a big hurry.

Why did Todd want you dead?

The teacher wrote a short comment on each student's paper.

Listen to your wife, Toby.

This book is still interesting even after reading it many times.

The decision has been made.

She got hot with rage.

The lake was bound in ice.

Who did that belong to?


Do you think they'll find her?

Charleen jumped into the water with his clothes on.

"I'll do it tomorrow." "You said that yesterday!"

I know where they will be this afternoon.

She says that she loves flowers.

I used to see Loren at least once a week.

He failed because he did not have money.

The dogs drew blood from several protesters, including children, who were then pepper-sprayed in an unsuccessful attempt to drive them away from the construction site. Instead of arresting the security guards, the local police arrested 30 peaceful protesters, some of whom had been bitten by the fierce dogs.

It was yesterday when he broke the window.


When I was a young girl, I always wanted to live underwater.

It's my bus.

By chance we saw him coming out of the shop.

He was excited to see the beautiful scenery.

You can let him go.


This is the pair of sunglasses I bought in Boston.

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You've lost weight.

My parents and little brother, who lived in the suburbs of Tokyo, died in the big earthquake.

That can be confusing.

You're right about that. I wonder if they are going to understand you.

Herb has his own problems.

Her help was just what the doctor ordered.

Where's my brush?


This book is for you.

What do we owe them?

Angela is smelling the flowers.

I have to get a new computer.

His remark seems to be off the point.

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Kristian is very spiteful and gives Diane the cold shoulder for days after the slightest disagreement between them.

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What makes you think Meeks likes you?

I thought Taurus didn't drink.

Care for tea or coffee?

In relation to this, I am to blame.

She's busy.

About eighty percent of Russian gas exports to Europe pass through Ukraine.

Is he just a one-trick pony?


Can we afford it now?

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What time do you arrive tomorrow?

The volunteers help the professionals.

A bird is flying.


He lost his memory.

Paola won't accept this.

He got full marks.


Norma doesn't know anyone here.

Please let me sleep for five more minutes.

I'll see what else needs to be done.

Nobody can foresee when the war will end.

Harv handed me a sandwich.

There are four major parts to the atmospheric problem: observation, understanding, prediction, and control.

Boys are more likely than girls to play video games.

Please don't leave valuable things here.

Kusum would know the answer.

Where are you studying?

Alain's dog followed him into the house.


Nothing is useful to anything.

"How old are you?" - "Forty ten."

The president of the largest country in the world doesn't understand English.

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Del and Timothy want to have their second child in Canada.

I can't figure it out.

The shop, the advertisement, traffic, all that commerce which constitutes the body of our world, was gone.

What's Nils like when he's angry?

I can't trust you.

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I also play keyboard in my band.


We have to do this again tomorrow.


Stephe has trouble admitting when he's wrong.

Your innocent act doesn't fool me.

I've decided to start studying French.

The dream is over.

Guys are obsessed with blowjobs.

I always enjoy listening to classical music in my free time.

A friend of mine has recently divorced her husband.

Konrad is going to have to deal with that on his own.

Lynne loves Ramsey, but she doesn't love him.


This is one of the nicest restaurants in Boston.

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I thought Carl would never shut up.

You may take everything you want.

There's nothing like a good hot bath.

We banqueted on lobster that night.

Stop slacking or I'll fire you.


How is your family doing?

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These are my briefs.

Lenora knows the score.

Reiner didn't stir.

I can play the guitar.

It was natural and perhaps human that the privileged princes of these new economic dynasties, thirsting for power, reached out for control over government itself. They created a new despotism and wrapped it in the robes of legal sanction. In its service new mercenaries sought to regiment the people, their labor, and their property.


Where's the closest pharmacy?

Your top button is undone.

I did a lot of stupid things when I was younger.


The girl had no one to turn to for advice.


Morning is not at dawn, but at the moment when you wake up.

Patrice showed Giles his passport.

Which road did you choose?


Pascal may have some good ideas.


Could you help me out here?

Like I said, no problem.

Sanity prefers red wine to white wine.

People can't live forever.

Does a Roman cat have a Roman meow?

She is looked on as the leading authority on the subject.

The office seems very busy today.

It was brought home to me how important education is.

It is as if the whole sky were on fire.

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Mott acted the part of a sailor.

Guy will know what to do.

God has been very kind to the shark.


American politics are interesting to watch, especially during a presidential election.

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And that's the danger.

Don't say anymore!

Karen is angry with me.

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I need to speak with Kieran immediately.

When shall we have the party?

Man is a sun and his senses are his planets.

I had to do all the housework, but I wish I had gone to the movies or shopping.

There's a place for us.


I'm the one who saved Lois.

Jack seems a little dangerous.

"That's the only problem," he said angrily.

February is the only month in the year where there are less than thirty days.

The college song reminds me of the good old days.

He vowed to give up smoking.

This pencil is better than that one.

Last night I lost my lunch.

Hsuan couldn't do something like that.

I've made some mistakes that I should've been able to avoid.

There's something for you on your desk.


I melted one.

As soon as we heard the noise from the second floor, Takashi, who claimed he didn't believe in ghosts, lost control and started running.

I often watch night games on TV.

Who tastes everything becomes disgusted with everything.

A special taskforce managed to catch a suicide terrorist downtown, prior to him carrying out his evil plan.


Soon Christopher Columbus got bored watching the noob toy getting repeatedly self-pwned; he then decided to make a fortune-teller advise him on what to do with such a pointless toy.

They sat at their campfires at night.

The party reached the mountaintop yesterday.

King is still abroad.

Let's try calling them.


I haven't eaten very much but have gained as much as five kilos in a half year.


The sensitivity certainly drops if I use a condom, so if possible I'd like to do it bareback.