What is the length of this piece of cloth?

Take a break, or you'll fall apart.


It's a huge gamble.

Sonja's not ready to go.

Just watch your step.

Is there anything you can't do?

There were too many children in the pool.

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Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins.


Losing his balance from a sudden gust of wind, the tightrope walker fell to his death.

Our house has seven rooms including the dining room.

Neil will be thirsty.


I'm going to go check on him.

Did Saify make it?

You need to eat breakfast.


It must be our lucky day.

I thought Laurence was fantastic.

He gave up taking part in the marathon on account of his cold.

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Did you order the room to be swept?

Anyone who has made a promise should keep it.

The program should have started by now, so we'll probably miss the first half.

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We aren't related.

Are you on a diet?

I wonder if a day will come when money will be something found only in museums.

He was alone.

Did Joyce spill something again?

The event opened with a stirring rendition of the national anthem.

Capital investments planned by major Japanese businesses for this year have been revised upward in view of an improving economic outlook.


She was the queen of the ball.

My cat is so adorable.

Don't you hear that?


Valeria is in position.

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Albert likes to dunk his biscuit in his coffee.

Homeschooling is still illegal in Germany.

I wanted the teacher to write a letter in English.


The opposition accused the prime minister of negligence.

I can't play guitar very well.

You're starting to get on my nerves.


Do you want to walk to the station with me?

What has he gotten you to believe this time?

"How are you doing?" "Not bad."

Trying doesn't like you very much.

Everyone calls him Jeff.


We overwhelmed the many enemies.

I'm sneezing all the time.

It disappointed him.

And, without waiting for an answer, she left the apartment, preceded by her friend Adele.

She kicked her boyfriend out of the house.

You did this.

I only went over there to help.


He scolded her for her weakness.

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Del seems to be about to ask another question.

My mom made this quilt for me.

Thomas lives in France but works in Belgium.

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Sumitro had a break down.


Cows are grazing in the meadow.

After a couple of drinks, the guy was feeling no pain.

I need to leave for a while.

I don't think I've ever heard this song before.

This train rides very well.


Mohammad never told me that.

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Ro is just like the rest of them.


I should have looked more attentively. I have a very kind mentor, but I cause him a lot of work.

First thrive and then wive.

I'm going to be on the next bus.

I love you, Fido.

I said I wouldn't see Vivek again.


Why can't we be privy to that information?

He's a volunteer fireman.

He's part of the 1%.

Stock investments do not always yield profit.

Sunil dressed himself quickly, then ran out the door.


They will run.

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We'll provide you with anything you need.

Why haven't you told me?

She's a talented writer.

There are no more bullets.

Then the doll's eyes began to shine like two stars and it became alive.

I wrote some poems last weekend.

I want to drink a cold beer.

He's just self-centered.

You should've followed Huashi's advice.

Help each other with homework.

Jim is at work on his car.

She died at the age of 54.

The property was divided equally among the heirs.


I'm not like him!


How many of you are there now?

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We elected him our leader.


Edward has a poor sense of direction.

A great flight of rooks passed silently over their heads.

Great talkers are little doers.


I'll do whatever you want me to do.


Butler is drenched.

Since unexpected incidents occurred one after another, the exhibition was called off.

The chessboard is the world.


Have you got that in stock?

Kayvan is living abroad.

Laurel doesn't need to go there unless he wants to.


They congratulated us on our victory.

You ought to have the courage to speak out what you believe to be right.

We did win.

This watch costs 10 000 CFA francs.

I just wanted to know if you were in trouble.


How many blankets are there on the bed?

I think it's time for me to say what I really think.

It is not surprising that he resigned.

He amused himself by reading a detective story.

It's very impressive, isn't it?

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I forgot just how fun you are to hang out with.

I'm not your plaything.

He is a student at Yushu High School.


John knows English history from A to Z.

Pinocchio hid his face under the sheets.

Shouldn't this be in the refrigerator?

I've been pretty fortunate.

Nested dolls are a telltale Russian export.

I suggest you get back to work.

You won't get anywhere by arguing with a disturbed individual like that.

Where does Ted live?

He likes flamboyant clothes.

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What happened to your guitar?

Kathryn is a very good guitarist, isn't he?

Don't judge a man by the clothes he wears.

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Every chord, every harmony, every discordant note fills me with immense joy.


A good brandy completes a fine meal.


I think Glynn doesn't really like Takeuchi very much.

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He wanted to commit the whole message to memory.

That makes sense, doesn't it?

Can I pay here via Kontaktlos?

Even if it takes me the whole day, I will do the typing.

Do you want to go for a drive?

I want Jock to let Syd speak.

Why does that make a difference?

I finished one.

Jeany is very competitive.

The last to leave was a tall man, with a pale face and smooth, black hair.

His father worked on the railway.


I wonder if I should tell her the truth.


You can talk later.

His perseverance and diligence in his youth have made him what he is today.

You have no idea what's going on here, do you?


They sell meat at that store.

My eyes weren't keen enough to distinguish whether the black spot on the ceiling was a spider or a fly.

We don't want to hurt them.

I think we're about ready.

Your friendship means a lot to me.

If it becomes stubborn indeed it stands alone.

I'm tired of all his complaints.


Is this jumper machine washable?

I'm not sure about that.

Chavacano is a Spanish-based creole language.


Shuvra went to her fitness class.

I decided to go out and explore the town.

I'll keep the menu as a souvenir.

I wash my car in front of the house without any problems.

What year were you born?