Cars are now available in a wide range of prices.

Of course I know who he is! He's an incredibly smart boy.

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I'm a female office worker.

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Johnnie came up with an ingenious idea.

They are angry at your ill manners.

I ran into an old friend of mine this morning.

I used to get yelled at for hogging the phone.

You already have my respect.

There's absolutely nothing romantic between us.

Sal has broad shoulders.


I've been under a lot of pressure lately.

Oscar doesn't understand the situation.

I like to listen to classical music.

Would someone please wake me up at 2:30?

I don't want to ever see you again.

In reverse order tonight.

I'll lend you all the money I have on me now.


I've got something better in mind.

A convict has escaped from prison.

What shall we eat tonight?

Is there a Japanese-speaking stewardess?

We need all the information we can get.


It did not end well.

Ahmet cheered Lorraine on.

He is as intelligent as any student in the class.


I considered doing something like blocking edits based on a blacklist.

Juliet has the flu.

Don't hang up; I haven't finished talking to you.

There was a strong likelihood of his succeeding.

I saw a fishing boat about a mile off the shore.

Take a deep breath and don't freak out.

The spectators in the gallery were making a lot of noise.


I'm reading.


This has been happening way too often.

But what is liberty without wisdom, and without virtue? It is the greatest of all possible evils; for it is folly, vice, and madness, without tuition or restraint.

I don't mind your smoking.

No, I suppose not.

You already have my respect.


Beth had to climb the pole to fix the telephone wire.

Do you have any idea why someone would want to kill Turkeer?

He could travel back in time.


When is the first day of spring?

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Walt picked up one of the cans, opened it, and took a sip.

Milner started running.

John seems very honest by nature.

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Don't go near the dog.

I feel the same.

Ravindranath has won the prize.

He gave flowers to his girlfriend for the second time.

This is why he didn't go to study abroad.

She doesn't have any friends or relatives to take care of her.

Claire was going to sign it, but decided not to.

Let's work together to do our best.

In many cases I don't agree with him.

When was the last time you dreamed about Wendy?

Alex didn't go to his classes today.


Eva is approachable, isn't he?


I think that this image is relevant to our discussion from yesterday.

Gypsy could be affected, too.

How did that make you feel?

Nobody saw her do it.

He doesn't know the truth yet.

He passed across the border.

Dan rudely insulted a police officer.


Ssi used to write songs.

No one else is coming to look for you.

How many new sites were uncovered?

I am not studying now.

Pim replaced a fan belt.

Thanks for adding me on Facebook.

Are you claustrophobic, too?

Fact is stranger than fiction.

It was a warm summer evening.


Tell me what it's like in Boston.


The boy hurt himself with a knife.


I've never seen a scorpion.

Speak to the manager of the firm.

This is utter nonsense.

People called Reverend Dan Anderson for his advice.

I will read a book when I have finished this task.

Dan didn't even consult Linda about it.

Anna Freud had a profound influence on Hollywood.


She won't stop calling and texting me.


They're defenseless.

I think Naren might be dead.

We are enthusiastic Hanshin Tigers fans.

Otherwise he would not have won the first prize.

Is there anything you can't do?

The puck of ice hockey is not spherical.

How can you make a living from selling newspapers?

I've been trying to contact you.

Gigi grew up speaking both French and English.


Cindie works very hard.


Are you traveling to Germany?

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Do you want to tell Nanda?

I have a lot to do; otherwise I would accept your invitation.

This is still a difficult question for science to answer.

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I follow my mom's example.

How do babies communicate with their parents?

I have trouble with physics.

You don't need luck.

The train had already left when we got to station.

You've got some brass.

I thought he would come.


I think it is very good to lead a regular life.

He might be our new teacher.

Which is your favourite website?

I couldn't even feed myself.

On condition you are back by ten o'clock, you may go to the dance.

Sandeep said he needed a dozen eggs.

Can I catch a taxi here?


I don't know how Laurie finds the time.

A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough.

There is a bench in front of the train station.


Kristi could hardly wait to hear the news.

Dan and Linda spent the summer together.

Don't teach me how to live!

I've gotten used to winning.

Time goes by quickly.

Tell us what you think!

He is opposed to carrying out the new plan.

I don't regret coming here.

We got to Washington in time for the cherry blossoms.

I didn't want to be a burden.

Gregory wants chocolate fondue.

We had a very close view.

I know Sergeant a lot better than you do.

He was appointed to a responsible post.

It took three hours to put the broken toy together.


I'll meet her tomorrow.


What's Irving even doing here?


Do you think I should quit my job?

I often eat apples.

Stop touching me.

The natural logarithm of e is 1.

I don't want any fruit.

I know now what I have to do.

No one knew how much Mitchell loved Howard.


I saw the two together on several occasions.

I'm in trouble, aren't I?

I'm not sure what's wrong with him.

I am happy to help.

Either Rayan or I will attend the meeting.


He's in the toilet, taking a dump.

You're such a clothes horse.

A wrench is a commonly used tool.

He went about town looking for his missing dog.

Rick wanted to talk with Bert.

It looks incredible.

A blow from a falling stone killed him.

Travis traveled into the future and found that climate change had destroyed all life on Earth.

I enjoy feeding the pigeons.

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I knew what was in his mind, just as he knew what was in mine; and killing being out of the question, we did the next best.

Dan told the truth about Linda.

Pratap got a ticket for violating a traffic law.

The ship is bound for the Gulf of Mexico.

Nou is too weak to talk.

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The summer goods are now on sale.

I'll be working as your assistant.

Cancel all my appointments.

You need sleep as much as I do.

I assume you two know each other.

He was whistling a tune.

You're joking!

Linder scored the first goal.

My aunt wrote me a letter last week.