How much do you know about Hector's problem?

We didn't really have very much to drink.

Say something even if you don't know the right answer.

She is not very well off.

This house is my father's.

Kee was perplexed.

But the temple he had spoken of was his body.

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Jack Nicholson was raised in New Jersey.

The injured man moaned quietly.

I didn't see anything strange.

I've got good news.

I don't think Murthy is being honest.

If you think that he's experienced enough with that, I'll hire him.

I was going to wait till Kevan got here.

Rent control limits the rent that a landlord can charge for an apartment.

How about meeting today?


It is said that Anne will get married in June.

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I cannot harvest. I don't have a sickle.

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She paid the dressmaker for her dress.

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Look at him.

Our friendship will last a long time.

Just do what you want.

Sherri unwrapped his sandwich.

Meeks isn't drowning.

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It was a nice place.

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I can't just sit back and do nothing.

I don't think it's fair to single out Franklin.

Who lives in this house?

He went into the next room and lay down.

The exhortation "Don't quote Wikipedia" was included in the Asahi newspaper of yesterday or the day before.

I'm taking Fletcher home with me.

He struck the wall with his fist.

I don't particularly want to do it.

She likes neither snakes nor mathematics.

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Hey, look, a three-headed monkey!

"Me, I'm fascinated by the world of magic and miracles," murmured Maria.

I'm going to try real hard to get there on time.

It will be hot.

He's been taught to accept things as they are.

I don't know when it was exactly.

It'll hurt a little, but not much.

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Take him inside.

Let's go back home.

I wonder where she has gone.

That's what I can't remember.

He didn't pay him any visit.

A bird was flying high up in the sky.

No, it is not a cat.


Who is your favorite actor?

He is taller than any other boy.

I've got something.

Don't let him take pictures.

What would Tahsin do if she found out?

That is the boy who came here yesterday.

I wish you'd tell me what's bothering you.

Mats ate a grilled chicken salad.

Randolph is no hero.

We're not even sure we want to get to know each other.

Whose pens are these?

Whatever are you doing here?

What's his motive for committing murder?

I'll handle Shawn.

Hon likes the extreme cold of Alaska.

Won't you sit on my knee?

Get him away from here.

Let's get this job done.

Oh, come on.

They ate a quinoa salad.

Never mind the bottle, as long as we get drunk.

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By love alone is enmity allayed.

You'll never win.

Teruyuki began to leave.

Hy didn't testify.

I'm here looking for Sorrel.

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Why did it have to be her?

Lou looks stuck.

I don't know how to legally get around those regulations.

Lynne said some really nice things about you.

At the time, I thought it was the right thing to do.


Trust in God.

I did what Glynn ordered me to do.

Susumu will pay for it one day.

What did Gilles drink?

That's what most people do.

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She's having tea with her scone.

Ask him about it when he comes.

Lucifer was very proud of you.

We need strong leaders who are not afraid of standing up to political correctness.

Jennie has what it takes to be a good teacher.

People are good.

Come on, don't be silly.


I thought you didn't like him.

This is just the beginning of what you are seeing in this subject.

As for the standard of living, the republic has overtaken other developed countries.

I want Ernie put in prison.

You're a good actress.

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Houses can't be built in this area.

We live together.

Oliver just called you a liar.


Admission was free.

Plugins in C are almost always implemented as DSOs (Dynamic Shared Objects, aka. shared libraries, or DLLs on Windows).

Wow, it's pretty cold today.

Some consider language as a form of knowledge.

It depends on the situation.

I agree with you on this.

We went back to the hotel.

That's just what I was going to say.

There are many rats on the ship.

I was just watching this.

I don't know why you listen to him.


She cleared off the table.

I really regret what I did.

Do you know Georgian?

I like snow.

I'd like to drink something.

I eat here every day.

They worked hard from morning till night.

She's vital to the mission.

Thirteen were hospitalized.


If you just work hard, your grades will improve a lot.

You're much funnier than Rusty is.

We should wait until Cristi gets here.

I don't like the way she speaks to me.

I've never had any student who can solve math problems as fast as you can.

I'm here to pick up the product I ordered.

The teacher told the boy not to make noise.


I said I'd figure it out.

The knife's serrated edge makes it perfect for cutting such things as bread.

Lukas won't be able to drive for a while.

Ping slowly walked towards Mechael.

Izchak is incredibly brilliant.

I awoke to find myself completely refreshed.

John is a good husband to his wife.


She competed against many fine athletes.

I drank about 20 beers but the cop couldn't tell I was drunk and let me go.

Shouldn't we help her?

They won't take her back.

We lost all of our money.

They have not yet heard of it.

I didn't know I was going to be giving a speech.

Everyone in the town knows about it.

Why didn't you come to see me sooner?

Rafael wants me to talk to Shyam.

I haven't been there yet.

Why do you call me that?

The United States has close ties to Mexico.


At least I know Old is safe right now.

She is playing an important role in our organization.

Don't look so sad.

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Ferdinand won't give the speech because he's got a cough.


When someone makes a request to you: "Tell me honestly...", you realize in horror that now you're likely going to have to lie a lot.

What's he doing out there? Invite him inside!

Mwa is the one who makes the decisions.

How many people are likely to show up?

Sean stood in the corner by himself.

It was Henry's, wasn't it?

Let's start jogging together from tomorrow morning.

He timed her in the marathon race.

Let's get out of here as fast as we can.

I heard that Isezaki city decided to ban beards for male city employees starting June 19. It's the complete opposite of the Taliban laws imposing the wearing of beards.

That's not really my problem.

Look at the flowers trembling in the breeze.

Bob felt embarrassed when he was treated in front of some girls.

I wonder why he didn't eat the apple that fell on his head.

Let's just hope it works.

Attached you will find the VAT invoice for your recent purchase.

He refused to say more about that.


Would you like to go out for a drink?

She kissed me, not him.

Eat slowly.


Can I count on them?

Christina's dirty clothes are on the floor.

You can't trick me.