He has changed.

Patricia begged me to come.

What would you do if I were untrue to you?

I like dogs, but cats I don't like.

Thanks to your help, I could succeed.

She plays tennis in the morning.


I'm scared too, so I'm not going to go.

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I didn't get the point of his speech.

Napoleon's headquarters were in an unused windmill.

I wonder if Svante ever took Gregge up on her offer.

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I don't take them seriously.


I see no need for you to do that.

Naomi is standing outside the door.

Belinda does talk a lot.

The leading brand of pop drinks in most countries is Coca-Cola.

He tried not to look at her.

Who doesn't know it?

What is the purpose of life?

Please give me a coffee.

I'll retype it.

Judith made enough sandwiches to feed everyone.

I like Hokkaido a lot.

Pterosaurs were not actually dinosaurs.

People don't usually swim around here. The water's not too clean.

His words delivered her from her anxiety.

We cannot turn back.

She was dressed up in black.

I didn't say anything to him.

I can't allow that.

Rat whiskers are gross.

Deirdre didn't feel he could do what Ramneek was asking him to do.

Do you speak Polish?


Everybody put their foot down.


What was the outcome of the election?

Lester pretended like it never happened.

I believe in God.

We cried banzai at the news that he won the gold medal.

Hold on tight, otherwise you will fall off.

This table is made out of salvaged wood.

Let me open this discussion.


Would you accept a Brazilian coffee?


He boasted about his new camera.

It's a serious commitment.

"How many girls do you have?" "I only have one."


That doesn't make any sense.

A lot of people need our help.

Tommy didn't want Cristina to tell him how to run his business.


"Are you friends with Kamel?" "Yes, he's my roommate."

You need to learn how to compromise.

I took it for granted that you were aware of the danger.

I led that mission.

I think Jin probably doesn't like you very much.


For all his faults, I like him.

You cannot be too careful in choosing friends.

We spent too much for the Christmas presents.

I think that there are a number of serious difficulties that need to be overcome.

I knew you would get it.

I couldn't have said it any better myself.

Grant was not worried about supplies.

I saw Emil smile.

My biggest problem will be deciding what to do with all the money I just won.

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According to the IAU, a "dwarf planet" is a celestial body that (a) is in orbit around the Sun, (b) has sufficient mass for its self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that it assumes a hydrostatic equilibrium (nearly round) shape, (c) has not cleared the neighbourhood around its orbit, and (d) is not a satellite.

I wrote it down.

OK, try again.

The days are growing longer.

You're strict.

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Tonight was also a windless night.

Make love, not sentences.

It has been as many as ten years since I started to live in Tokyo.

He tried to speak French to us.

I wish you had told me when to come.

Thanks for your information, it is much appreciated!

Irwin plays the cello with one of the local orchestras.


Most of our money goes for food.

Who is your father?

Trey phoned to say he was on his way.


I like Kerri the best.

She told him not to get excited.

As for me, I have nothing to say at present.

You can't reason with him.

I don't know what made me think of you.

It's likely to get cold tonight, so you may need an extra blanket.

Stagger was surprised by something he saw.

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I didn't want to go to your wedding.


He will look after the cats for me while I'm abroad.

I can't go to class right now.

I've heard research has found that men are more likely to tell lies than women.

He completed many dangerous bombing raids.

How humiliating!

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Let's break for lunch.


This has to be graphed on three axes, so go ahead and whip out your laptops, kids.

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Please speak slowly and clearly.

What went wrong?

Someone has left a bag on the bench.


My father doesn't eat fruit that much.

I can't tell you how dangerous that might be.

How many passengers can this plane hold?

We all seek comfort.

Both my sisters are coeliacs.

I work at the zoo.

The company scrambled to stay afloat.

Emma has a very poor constitution.

Alf denied having beaten his wife.

A boy is a male child.

This is about as large as that.

If you take your shoes off before coming into the house you won't bring in any dirt from your shoes.

Do you know who bought your painting?

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Andre is a police detective.

He usually wants to practise his English on me.

I haven't seen Pierre in a while.

Tyler visits us quite often, but he never stays very long.

Kathryn made the company what it is today.

I think Louis should talk to Marty.

Lois is a florist.

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No one had slept on that bed.


Jim set out to write something in his notebook.

Twelve divided by three is four.

We're having difficulty locating Byron.

Mom applied the plaster to the cut.

School systems have to cope with changing numbers of pupils.

Ranjit walked across the garden.

How come you're so slow?!

Everything was ready.

I chose dual nationality.

The woman awakens the girl.

We can't seem to find our way back home.


Janet didn't waste much time.

The mic is yours.

Do you want me to check again?

I don't think that's likely to happen.

Six-thirty, it's possible.

Though she was alone, I didn't think she was lonely.

He went not to help his father but to borrow money from him.


In Portuguese, the article is used in some cases and omitted in others.

Jacob always plays it safe.

Insofar as possible, our examples will be drawn from English.

He's a man who doesn't speak with anybody.

Steve removed the hacksaw from his toolbox and asked Lars if she wanted it.

We'd like to have Todd on our team.

Everybody looks up to Henry.

I called a cab, because it was raining.

What do you believe of "pelmeni"? No, I don't know such word.

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I bought a shirt yesterday.

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It seems the task will not be accomplished in our generation.


This word is not in current use.


Do you like doing homework?

I'll get a cab.

They met each other halfway.

I'm glad you were here.

They often quarreled with their brothers and husbands over the matter.

Something must've spooked him.

The car ran down the hill.

Thank you for remembering my birthday.

One hundred and twenty-five years have proven that Esperanto is more than a language.

Do you know Son, by any chance?

What about having fish for dinner?

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Their job is to iron clothes.


"This came for you." "Urgh..." "So hey, you remember that one that she sent you where she asked you to get her those pictures of Applejack's brother?" "Yeah." "And then she told you to write a critique on Mac's physical appearance." "Yeah." "Then she sent the critique to Mac." "...Yeah." "What did you tell her you learned from that?" "I found that a Phillips screwdriver is persuasive, but not seductive; and also Rarity charges up the butt for stuff I really think she should do as a friend."

I didn't believe that I would know the answers.

I've got to find out what's going on.

I didn't want to miss anything.

He wants to go out with her.


He likes both Esperanto and Interlingua.

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Let me get you some water.

I've been trying to find them.

I'm Floria's grandmother.