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  • aculeiform 31st October 2018
    PICO questionIn [Dairy Cow Management] do [Sand OR composted bedding] compared with [rubber matting] result in [fewer disease incidence] consequences?Clinical bottom lineClean, deep-bedded sand appears to be associated with the best outcomes in clinical mastitis, cow cleanliness, subclinical mastitis, cow lying times, hock lesions and cow preference. Recycled sand, composted manure and other deep-bedded systems […]
    Mike Steele
  • 8888474801 19th October 2018
    PICO questionIn cats undergoing orchiectomy, does the use of intratesticular lidocaine reduce the pain in patients compared to not using intratesticular lidocaine?Clinical bottom lineWith a low grade of evidence, when compared to a pre-medication with pure-µ agonist opioids, intratesticular lidocaine does not appear to provide significant benefit.  However, based on our clinical scenario where pre-medication […]
    Erik Fausak