Welcome to ‘AP SUBSEA INC.’ website!

This site is the home for OEM entry level data logger ‘MicroLog’ with tooling control options designed by ‘AP SUBSEA INC.’.
We are proud to tell that our professional design and field working experience for more then 15 years are now turned onto the product.

Our product is built for people and oriented on people. No really need to have a C++ or any specific datalogger language oriented programming skills anymore when use ‘Microlog’. We did data control and logging as simple as possible for you. Following by several simple steps you may create your own command center with datalogging option.

Our solution is low cost, has multi interfaced data inputs/outputs, simple&quick setup, robust and, again low cost. Discover more at Products page.

If you need something unique, which fits to your task (board size layout, special functions, connectors or parameters) ask about them on the Contacts page.

Truly Yours, ‘AP SUBSEA INC.’ Team.