Integrating data based
on clients needs.


Interactive dashboards

Pharmaceutical companies deal with a large amount of data from different internal and external sources. The search and processing of data can be tedious and time-consuming.

We have come up with a new solution.

Our extensive database contains a huge amount of data from various well-known and trusted sources. The data has been compiled to answer a variety of everyday business questions, such as a „competitor landscape overview“ or an „indication deep dive“-tool.

The technology behind enables the user to play and interact with the data. In addition, all tools are being updated regularly.

Our data processing technology has many applications and can be used for a variety of data types. If you have large datasets from projects available and want to display them in a modern and interactive and user friendly way, please get in touch with us to discuss your needs in detail.


Our target group

At Pabana, we employ experts who used to work in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. This experience is being used to design the tools to meet the individual needs of different functions in pharmaceutical companies accross the globe. Check out below what‘s in it for you.

Plus icon, click to expand Responsible for competitive intelligence
  • Understand your competitors’ strategy
  • Stay tuned for the dynamics within your indication
  • Provide state-of-the art information and technology to your internal clients
Plus icon, click to expand Developing marketing strategies
  • Shape your own strategy based on this knowledge
  • Outsmart your competition
  • Set up forecasts and anticipate future developments in your indication
Plus icon, click to expand Managing clinical trials
  • Understand the dynamics in clinical trials within your indication
  • Identify key success factors for trials
  • Shape your own development program based on this information
Plus icon, click to expand Assessing indication landscapes
  • Understand where the highest need is
  • Assess the intensity and dynamics within different indications
  • Challenge your BD&L activities

Haven‘t found your function? Get in touch with us and we will design the tool based on your needs. To navigate through our modules please scroll below and get inspired.


Our methodology

Pabana has created a unique approach to incorporate different public data sources into one database that enables users to manipulate and utilize the data via our dashboards. The database will be constantly updated in the background, which gives users the power of having constantly updated data.

Each dashboard will be tailored to the users individual needs so that users have the tools at hand for making fact based strategic decisions.

1. Scientific Data

Annual scientific meetings and conferences are a great resource for understanding current and future developments in specific indications. Pre-clinical compounds as well as new technologies are discussed during these meetings. We make sure to collect all news to incorporate them into the Pabana landscape.

Various trial related databases are used to compile all relevant information for you. Combined with publication information we offer all you need to be on top of any compound-/disease related conversation.

2. Internal Expertise

Our experts’ industry experience sums up to more than 150 years and hence, we know what your daily business is about since we have been in your shoes. We analyse and pre-filter the information to provide you with the things that really matter.

3. Competitive Intelligence

Knowing the competition means understanding their numbers as well as their development programs. Our database contains extensive amount of information on all companies active in the field of Oncology / Hematology.

In addition to the pure numbers and facts we provide you with strategic insights and evaluations of the companies of your interest. This will help you to develop your strategy also under consideration of your competitors’ behaviour.

4. Epidemiological Data

Whether it is for forecasting purposes or to understand a specific disease – you will always need valid epidemiological data to evaluate an unmet need or to allocate resources in a meaningful way. Our data offer you projections up to the year 2030, including the different disease stages and individual numbers by country and cancer type.


How we differentiate

Data is only useful if it can be displayed and used to show significant results/impacts. The web offers endless possibilities and we try to incorporate them all.

24/7 accessible and up-to-date data

No more boring static pdf’s. Our data is 24/7 accesible and updated weekly.

Filter, sort and compare.

We analyse and filter the relevant data for you. You can interact with these data when using our tools.

A seamless user experience on any device

Our goal is to make you love our products. Using our tools should be without any struggle or difficulty.


The Pabana Team

The Pabana team consists of industry insiders as well as experienced IT experts. Our main aim is to process data this is relevant to answer your business enquiries and questions, doing so in an innovative and interactive manner.

We aim to provide users with the data needed to make sound decisions that help to drive your business.

Maie Gall

Chief Executive Officer

Anja Sittig

Managing Director

Bauke Vriesema

Chief Financial Officer

Andrea Tinch

Medical Director

Vicky Prokova

Senior Indication Expert

Anne-Aurélie Courtot

Senior Indication Expert

Teeva Facchini-Joquet

Senior Indication Expert

Panos Spyrou

Senior Indication Expert

Dimitrios Niarchos

Indication Expert

Rex Amesbury

Graphic Design

Tom van Klaveren

Graphic Design

Moritz Petzka

Front-end Development

Masod Mohmand

Front-end Development

Rink Stiekema

Front-end Development

Antoni Stevenet

Back-end Development

David Gall

Back-end Development

The modules

We have come up with a modular approach and the modules can be combined in a variety of ways to answer your individual business needs. Below you will find a number of combinations. The individual selection of modules can be chosen below as well.

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        Pre-made Tools

        We have created complete dashboards for you to answer the most relevant business questions. You can check details of them by clicking on any of the below.

        Indication Overview (Basis)

        This overview tool provides you with all you need to know to understand the current dynamics within an indication, including all clinical trials and abstracts from the recent conferences.

        (757) 271-8436

        Indication Overview (Premium)

        If you would like to understand in more detail the treatment patterns as well as companies within an indication you should check this tool out.


        Conference Coverage

        Annual scientific meetings are of great importance to get in touch with your clients as well as watching out for your competitors’ activities. You will find a comprehensive overview on these activities.