It shouldn't matter.

Ken will work as an area manager for this convenience store starting this Spring.

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Blair lacks emotional intelligence.

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What would you do, if you should be taken ill?


This is the first time I've ever told a joke in Swedish.

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That watch is very cool.

Clarence was undoubtedly the most intelligent student in the entire school, but whenever the teacher asked him a question for which he was not prepared, he was filled with such nervousness that he would become confused, and something utterly incomprehensible would issue from his mouth as soon as he opened it.

The school should do away with the uniform.

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Is there anything special I can do for you?

I ate something earlier this evening that didn't agree with me.

Darryl locked his car.

The berries were ripening almost as fast as we could gather them.

I don't care what you say, I hate you!


I don't know how to handle this.


It's the first time I laugh this much.

It will be your job to acquaint the newcomer with the rules of the office.

Good day!

You have nothing on your wall.

He drinks too much coffee.

This is a beautiful house.

Do you all place great importance on morals?

It's almost too late.

I still wonder about it.

The quality is good enough and more importantly it's in your price range.

Are you going to eat?

Finish your homework before you go to bed.

Since I broke my foot, I'm walking with crutches.

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I want another chance.


Within the village, Bruce was known as a con man.

You must learn to restrain yourself.

I'm Natsuko.

I'd rather tell her in person.

I owe it to my doctor that I am still alive.


Would you excuse us for a second?

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Harold has a pain in the shoulder.


I'll call him first thing in the morning.


We haven't gotten to it yet.

What's life like for Palestinians in Gaza?

Dion is probably perfectly fine.


Art is the only one who can solve this problem.

Left outside the freezer, the juice will get warm.

Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you.

I'm not going to touch it.

We'll start an investigation immediately.

Let me have a minute with Jos.

I didn't even see Arnold go.

Heather is already sleeping.

Generally, the Japanese are polite.

What do the rest of us have to do to convince you?

Between two words, we must choose the shortest one.

She is booming as a singer.

In this kind of heat, I just don't feel like doing anything.


I'm coming with her.

Are you Arabic?

The servant went out into the highways and hedges and compelled people to come to his master's fast.

Today was definitely shorts and T-shirt weather.

Pamela and Izchak are both very conservative.

He has agreed to do the task.

Damone grabbed his coat and left.

Why don't you tell him?

He sends us flowers.


How are you all doing?


How did it go?


We'll meet them later.


Jess is no longer your responsibility.


That's not so bad.


That soon might change.

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I'll give him your message when he comes.

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Where am I going to go?

Let's go out tonight.

It wasn't my place to say anything.


The local government is very concerned about sustainable development.

I'll give you a lift home.

Keep an eye on your bag while walking.

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I don't believe that was ever a possibility.

Revised looked like a doctor.

We ran out of gas on the way there.

He is impatient.

Charles wasn't convinced.

They won't be in time for the meeting.

I roll my own cigarettes.


That is why I could not come here.

Did he go home yesterday?

Make a wish.


Why give it to me now?

I could've tried harder to get along with everyone in the class.

Daddy, I'll stop doing theater and won't sing anymore.

And what is the problem?

I couldn't see him when I went out. I thought "She must have gone".

"Do you mind if I smoke?" "Certainly not."

It's time to leave.

This won't work!

Robbin is the leader of the race.

Though he is busy but tommorrow may be free.

There is no room for doubt.

Did Gilles say anything else?

Open up the door.

He is just killing time.

Clark seems very nervous.


He does not listen.

Hunter will make the beds.

What's with your hair?

I used to go home for lunch in those days.

Water freezes at zero degrees Celsius.


I knew we could count on Marlena.

Charleen and Hank were stealing glances and smiling at each other.

I thought you'd be home studying.


In the early 1990s, the insurgency became more intense.

Heather wasn't the only survivor.

Nhan asked Vilhelm to turn off the computer and prepare dinner.

I'm glad to be here.

They were watching television.

I am sure you have met Dan.

I wouldn't have succeeded without Susumu's help.

His acting is far from being perfect.

I really regret what I did.

First of all, we have to put your design to the test.

Olson is the last person I want to see right now.

There's no salt in the salt shaker.

Mikael hurried away.

Giles isn't much of a swimmer.

Respect yourself and you will be respected.

Does she work hard?

I haven't seen him for a while.


He's completely delusional.

Morton spent three decades in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

We're just about finished.

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We should observe our traffic rules.


That's a reasonable price.

I had a great teacher.

I think I made a nasty crack about women.

I knew I should've stayed in Boston.

Another day passed.

We suspect it's about a poisoning by snake bite.

We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things not because they are easy, but because they are hard. Because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills.

I have still some things to take care of.

The doctor gave him some drugs to relieve the pain.


My mother always buys at the drugstore.

Metin isn't going back to Boston.

Emil was the last person I expected to see.


What sort of television programs are on today?


This chapter will focus on the riddles of the planets.

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He was very pleased when he saw him.


Harv has a big crush on John.


It's a damn fine day today.


What if I told you I really want to be a teacher?

You're going to be all right.

I hired Sumitro because I thought he was the best person for the job.


What a cute cat!


We shouldn't have done that.


We talked a long time about Boston.


Give him a chair.


What about Portugal?

You don't even know me.

What happened or is happening?