Maittavaa ja ekologista sesonkiruokaa

Neljä vuodenaikaa tuo sään lisäksi vaihtelua kotimaiseen ruokapöytään, sillä monessa taloudessa on nykyään tapana ostaa ruoka-aineksia aina sesonkien mukaan. Osasyynä sesonkiruoan suosioon on toki raaka-aineiden edullisuus, mutta myös luonnonvaroja halutaan näin säästää. Kun ainekset ostaa tuoreina, säilytykseen ja pakastamiseen kuluu vähemmän energiaa. Ruoka itsessään on myös maittavampaa kun sen syö satokaudella. On tyystin toista herkutella … Continue reading Maittavaa ja ekologista sesonkiruokaa

The Age Of Highest Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is defined as the value with which one perceives themselves. It is an extremely important part of a healthy mental attitude, but is also often a difficult positive perception to achieve. Many things may factor into self-esteem, such as relationship status, career success, as well as interactions with family and friends. Most tend to … 702-825-9470

Why Is Blockchain A Big Deal?

You’ve probably heard the term blockchain thrown around recently. And you, like me, probably pretended you knew what it meant when it came up later in conversation. Don’t be ashamed, I do this all the time. For about three months, back a little while ago, I kept nodding and smiling when people brought up UHD, … 832-695-5328

8 Bank Breaking Medical Emergencies

Life has a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it, pouncing, beating you into unconsciousness, emptying your wallet and running off giggling. Which is to say; life sometimes resembles a very cruel and heartless mugger. This is most evident in how it doles out medical emergencies, which not only have the … 3185822205

3D Printing Advances Medical Technology

Luc Besson’s 90’s action-comedy the Fifth Element featured a scene in which a superhuman being was rebuilt from a severed arm using technology resembling what we know today as 3D printing. I’m not saying the French writer-director is a prophet, but that new technology makes his fantastical vision seem much more achievable than the film’s … Continue reading 3D Printing Advances Medical Technology


Being a celebrity may not be as easy as some believe. But one advantage it certainly has is the enormous pay cheques that come your way. From actors to football stars, and cosmetics creators, these were, according to Forbes, the top 10 highest paid celebrities between June 2017 and June 2018.

5 Books That Turned Into Amazing Movies

While many people know the old trope of the book being better than the film, there have actually been many more successful film adaptations of books than poor ones. Notable adaptions include the Godfather, the Lord of the Rings and dozens of Stephen King and Michael Crichton novels. No one really expects film adaptations to … (914) 208-4287