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30% of about
5 billion lbs. of PETE bottles produced in the U.S. each year are recycled.

PETE is popular for food and non-food packaging products because it is lightweight, shatter-resistant, safe and highly recyclable. PETE plastic containers are easily identified by the #1 resin identification code and are among the most recycled plastics in the world.


Did you know?

Recycling 3,240 one liter plastic bottles is equivalent to planting 80 trees.


You are not recycling unless you are buying recycled products

All of our containers clearly list the recycled content and are marked with large recycling symbols. Our goal is to help double the recycling rate for # 1 plastic, breaking through the 30% "plastic ceiling". To make this happen we feel there needs to be more consumer awareness about the benefits of recycling. That's why we are committed to support organizations like Keep America Beautiful.

SmartCycle Packaging

Recycling is Original Green Job

We are committed to using 100% recycled plastic whenever possible and by using recycled packaging, food producers and grocers can help to preserve and create green local jobs. There are over 1 million recycling related jobs in the U.S. and the impacts of recycling go beyond environmental and energy benefits, to job creation and increasing the tax base.

Recycling is Climate Friendly

Recycling reduces GHG emissions through lower energy usage. In fact, the EPA estimates that the U.S. recycling industry offsets 4% of the entire U.S. carbon inventory, roughly 300 million metric tons of CO2e. This is the equivalent of taking nearly 2 million cars off the road.


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