I won't be doing this again.

Do you think that bothered me?

Mother was busily cooking; in the meantime, I was just watching TV.

The sky is clear almost every day.

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I have once been to Europe.

Carl was too tired to even just watch TV.

Everybody is unique.

Ning used to tell me stories about Australia.

The period is missing.

We met in an inn.

The rebellion was soon put down.

I have a package here for her.

"I can't believe that they sleep together!" "Why not? It's perfectly normal to take a teddy bear to bed with you."


"Let's go to the movies at seven." "Is it all right if we go at seven thirty?" "I'm worried that we'd be late if we do."

I found the book by accident.

We have a lot more beer in the refrigerator.

Sorry, but I want to tell him this news face to face.

Advertisements for discounts and sales constantly arrive on Sergeant's mobile phone.

You shouldn't be drinking.

Erwin made everyone smile.

We've got six children, you know.

Why did you tell her?


I am planting beans in my garden.


Let's sit down on this bench.


Who else knows about this place?

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I'm willing to give you another chance.

What did they offer?

The latest edition has been completely updated.

What's your connection to Miles?

That is a schooner.

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I don't want to embarrass you.


I will travel to work at your office by bus.

There is a very short period within which we can act.

I will devour you little girl.


We were held up for two hours on account of the accident.

She was a shining example to people everywhere.

Roll up your sleeve, please.

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Phillip could tell by Elwood's accent that she wasn't a native speaker.

I've never met anyone who doesn't like chocolate.

That's something I wish I could do.

Chill it on ice.

In this playhouse of infinite forms I have had my play, and here have I caught sight of him that is formless.

He will drink the champagne at midnight.

This wine is over a year old.

The USSR will only use air strikes in the country as a last resort.

Jackye just wanted Werner to like him.

Mammals have hair.

They've arrested us.

I talk to Tommy on the phone every day.

Planets don't emit light by themselves.

Lila treated William to dinner.

He ordered me to sweep the room.

Sergiu used to be a special education teacher.

You'll feel better tomorrow, I promise.

Victory and defeat aren't solely decided by the size of your army.

He has a remarkable aptitude for music.

Please put me through to Mr. Black.

That sounds fair.

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I have no time to read this book.

China is the world's leading producer of rice.

He recoiled before his master's anger.

I'm good at those things.

Would you give me some travel brochures from your country?

How much do you earn?

I hear you're studying French with Kriton.

Stephe didn't want to tell Sidney his life story.

It was wise of you to take your umbrella with you.

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He emphasized the importance of working hard.

The Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED) allows the crew to engage in resistive exercise onboard the ISS by simulating the use of free weights.

After having anal sex with my boyfriend, we usually need to have a good wash.

Benson's advice has always been very helpful.

She never dreamed that she could win first prize.

There was a hiss of steam.

America is ahead in space technology.


You are really talented.

You and I go back a long time.

My mother objected to my going to the Middle East.

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The only one who has a problem is you.

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We need to fight against women's oppression.

The concert was a big disappointment.

I'm afraid of the cops.

Infect the area with cholera.

She didn't tell me anything in the morning.

They gave no heed to the warning.

I'd like to determine the value of this painting.

We considered the problem from all angles.

The boys bring their books every day.

Leave Arthur's things alone.

We should go the whole hog.

He's here to spy on us.

Let me know as soon as he comes back.

Do you still have the key to Timothy's apartment?

Ninja is afraid he'll get lost.

Boston is beautiful.

I'm very slow at making up my mind.

I am delighted at your success.

Many criminals in the United States are addicted to drugs.


A heavy snow kept us from going to school.

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At what age did you get your first period?


Today we'll be talking to Venkata.

I was born in 1960.

What more do you want, Guillermo?

Why don't we see if Jimmy wants to go with us?

It is no use arguing with him.

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I'm selling my car at a loss.


To his surprise, the door opened by itself.

I've had better days.

This room is pleasant to work in.


Can she come, too?

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He put me off with a vague answer.


We're having difficulty locating Ralf.

Is it comprehensive?

He is far in advance of the other students.

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The road is too narrow for cars.

Being an actor is the loneliest thing in the world. You are all alone with your concentration and imagination, and that's all you have.

Life is not perfect.

We saw something move in the shadows just up ahead.

Having nothing, nothing can he lose.

Elliot was just as scared as Trying was.

Yvonne can't bring herself to eat chocolates in the shape of cute animals, so she asked Turkeer not to give her any anymore.

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Could I bring you something else?


She treated her kids equally.

I'm going to finish my tea first and then go bike riding.

Just buy Patty some candy.

The President has made clear that it is time to turn the page on an era of reckless lending and taxpayer bailouts.

I'm a lot hungrier now than I was before.

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As suggested, I'll call her.

The problem here isn't me.

Why didn't you ask for help?

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After that newspaper wrote that no farmer wanted to work as a tenant in Vestfold, interest has skyrocketed.

This problem is in his field.

I'm sorry I have kept you waiting so long.

Move along, please!

Matthew spent a year in Germany.


Did anyone else notice this?


Being a father can be a burden sometimes.

Upon entering the room, she fell down.

There's nothing we can do except wait.

I found them.

The birch has white bark.


Cory's criminal record consists of only two drunken driving citations.


Over my dead body!


They understand now.

Where do I sleep?

Lee might get lost.

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Gigi said you said we should be there by 2:30.

Who would you like to fall in love with?

I had great difficulty at the beginning.

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Beware of the gorilla.

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He didn't like being poor.


This watch keeps correct time.

Now, how can we help you?

All our members are volunteers.

We need some formal instruction in literature.

"What is Hamilton doing?" "I think he's texting his friends."


It's the same for everyone.

The accident happened on a side street.

When does the bus leave?

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I know what they're going to do.

What's happening in there?

There were no prior warnings.