You have no idea how to do it, do you?

I forgot that Clare knows how to read French.


That's not easy.


She ordered three dinners.

I'm taking care of my grandfather

I've got something else I want you to do.

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What a klutz!

And that is where the difference lies.

The robot does whatever its master tells it to do.


I love to write music.

There was nowhere to hide.

Himawan and Gene are no longer in Boston.

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The teacher said that he wouldn't give us an exam this week.

I enjoy working.

I'll come at five o'clock.

The industrialised world is used to using water profligately.

I shouldn't have overdone it.

The chess pieces are pawn, knight, bishop, rook, queen, and king.

Rex couldn't answer Jon's questions.

I didn't sleep a wink.

Sorry, but you must have the wrong number.

Janos never wanted to do anything we asked him to do.

There are a lot of big cities in Brazil.

Urs bought a house for Raghu.

We know you're sick.


Mariah's father was an African-Venezuelan.


I have an old bicycle.


Why are you wearing a raincoat? It's not raining, is it?

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He works as a newscaster in television.

Tor is useful.

Jacob is a fervent churchgoer.

The airspace around the airport was closed temporarily.

I unexpectedly ran into him at the airport yesterday.


I won't tolerate such language!

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Debbie wanted to hide the money from his ex-wife.

He used all his strength to crawl out of the wrecked car.

Is Kelvin alright?


He lost color.


I'd like to stay here until Ronald gets back.

How much money do you owe him?

I can fight my own battles.

My uncle died of cancer of the stomach yesterday.

Allen broke down when he heard the bad news.


He struck up friendships with the most unlikely people.


Hans works at a local hospital.

Don't tell them.

Joel has two DUIs.

He and I were inseparable friends during our time together in school.

This isn't enough.


Stop me if you can.

Marcia hardly ever laughs.

I'd appreciate an answer as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot for having warned me!

We should be talking directly to Nikolai.

This has always been a problem.

Old enjoys watching TV.

Just sit down and listen to me.

Would you mind if we spoke in French instead?


You must have dropped them.

Real men drink tea.

Can we do this again?

Would that be nice?

Turkish is an agglutinating language.


You'll be very impressed.


I've been with Narendra ever since.

He will catch you.

Linda came home late at night.

Albert is a gruff man.

He was lonely.

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We want a real change.


I needed some hours to open it.


When will uncle come from Vijayawada?

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Debi doesn't have to go to Boston next week.


This book only goes down to World War II.


There was some mud on Betsy's boots.

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I sometimes translate lyrics for my wife.


Are you saying I'm a liar?

I don't want you to leave me.

You don't have to know all the details.

His success depends on his efforts.

"Who's that in the corner?" "That's Hsuan. Don't mind him."

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Robert leaned on the table.

I don't understand what the teacher said.

I got very sleepy.

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Wow, that line is huge!

Please bring my phone with you.

He will have to repeat the school year.


I will need to add new dictionaries to the library.


Are you giving me another chance?

Looking at his face, you could tell that he was annoyed.

I like the name Winston. It has a nice ring to it.

I have been to the U.S. twice.

Africa is not a country.

We'll all go together.

His speech deeply affected the audience.

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They borrow books from the teachers' library.

Ji can't speak either French or Spanish.

You should have a doctor look at that.

You always underestimate people.

Want to leave at the last minute?

Why is Alf acting like this?

Do you consider yourself as a dangerous guy?

Does this still work?

They're Shankar and Alberto.

When she came in, we were finishing the main dish.

If our last batter had not finally hit a home run, our team would have lost the game.

We are very pleased to have her here.

She has a cheerful disposition.

Helen is very elusive.

I don't want to leave them.

Was that so hard?

I heard it was nice.

What's your excuse now?

I caught a big fish yesterday.

I received an item that I did not order.

I just don't feel like doing that tonight.

That's a good thing.

I'll go buy some bread.

You can clearly see he is crazy. He doesn't believe in astrology.

The whole town was covered in snow.

We'll resume the meeting after tea.

I worked as if there were no tomorrow.

Dana only did what you told him to do.

There was a huge explosion.

Put on a sweater. If you don't, you'll catch a cold.

Seen from a distance, the big rock looks like an old castle.

Kevin's dream was to be able to speak French fluently.

Hubert forgot where he put his glasses.


How would you help Piete?

The twilight came on.

I'm just looking out for you.

Management tried to appease labor by offering them a bonus.

Andreas feels hatred towards Angela.

All I can tell you is it had something to do with a guy named Sherri.

Have you ever scolded your daughter?

Dominick played the piano and Jarvis sang.

Swamy is such a coward.

My life is a lie.

Poseidon is angry.

You never told me about this before.

Could you fill up the ice cube trays and put them in the freezer?


I'd like to propose a toast.

I'd like to be as rich as him.

There's also a yellow one.


How is he getting along with his school work?

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Now that Mike is unemployed, he has quite a bit of free time.


A baby comes to chew foods.


Her eyes rested on the young man reading newspaper.

Bertrand looks like he's a bit tired.

There haven't been any problems so far.

Jeannette started yelling.

My knowledge of French doesn't amount to much.


I think this is for you.

Ken hit on a good idea.

I really do like Italian movies very much.

I'm now writing a letter to my Chinese teacher.

I never heard him sing.

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He came near to being drowned in the river.

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I guess I don't agree with you.