They are actors.

Maureen was kind enough to help me.

Mumbai is the most populous city in India and the second most populous city in the world.

Something's got to give.

Oskar didn't bring a camera.

Heidi ate my bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich.

You do what you have to do, and I'll do what I have to do.

What do you think happened to our family?

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I wish you'd consider coming back to Boston.

The beauty of the scene was beyond description.

They deported them.

If that happens, I'll be very glad.

He broke faith with his friend.


Have you received an answer to your letter?

It might have been better if you hadn't gone there.

Sekar and Brender weren't religious at all.

We call the mountain Tsurugidake.

I enjoy climbing trees every once in a while.

Stacey has gone off to explore the mountain.

That man said his name was Gregor.

I've dealt with this store for years.

I don't want you to date her.

Ken is a good swimmer.

He touched me on the cheek.

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I thought that was obvious by now.


What do we know about him?

I'll take charge of the work.

Rafael won't be able to do anything about the problem this week.

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You have to come with me.

He does his duty.

Liyuan can't play the ocarina, but Andrew can.

She needed to make sense of it all.

Thou remindest me of sorrows.

He likes coffee without sugar.

They didn't know what they should have done with him.

I promise you I'll come early.

Ti didn't ask Tomas to marry him.


What did you want to talk to me about?

I'll try to keep up with him.

The ice sheets are melting.

Shawn said he wasn't feeling well.

Old age has undermined her memory.

You can still change your mind.

Well, it's better than nothing.

Nobody does it better.

We're done talking.

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Tareq likes what he sees.

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She looked at him in doubt and eventually sighed.

The flowers are opening.

I wonder what's for dinner.

The audience stood and applauded.

You seem to be cold.

I'll go to Boston to see Rex next week.

This is where I usually eat lunch.


Young children soon pick up words they hear.

I was working that night.

The family's circumstances are not easy.

What a shame.

He had a falling-out with his friends.

Not only is sex a safe activity but it is also recommended against depression, and contrary to other physical activities, food or even video games, you can't have too much of it.

Jackye asked me what he could do for me.

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She sent those e-mails an hour ago.


I don't want Alan to go out after dark by himself.

It is smaller than Tokyo.

I thought Leila was Tomas's son.


It's Claudine's house.


In my opinion, we should hire Part.

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Nothing can stop us.

They said they never saw her.

Earl wasn't here when I came in.

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Neither the lexicon nor the pattern-book of English is closed.


We'll be working together all next week.

All was still in the woods.

I have no proof to the contrary.

You can't enter the building without a permit.

Gill used to work for a big firm in Boston.

We must focus on building a solid grass-roots movement.

I go to school by subway.

I dream every night.

All students have access to the library.

He persuaded his wife not to divorce him.

Sid can't take it.


What are you up to these days?

Not wanting to boast but I've never got better than a 3 on my report card for home economics. Out of 10 that is.

It is agonizing for the united States to lose our young men and women.

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The policeman protected the witness.

You're way too good for Marci.

It's all our fault.

Maybe he's jogging around the park.

The sum of all the angles in a triangle equals 180 degrees.

It is the law.

She knows where we live.

Hein threw the Bible in the fire.

What were you doing in my house?

Look, a snake!

Offending you wasn't my intention.

The apples are not quite ripe.

That girl looks like her mother.

I knew you'd like that restaurant.

It is amazing; you should have won the prize.

I found that he was turned over to the police.

A morning erection: Will it last only until I take a leak?

Hurry back.

How much is it going to cost me?


There is no telling what may happen next year.


The cat was strutting around the yard, when it suddenly ran into the house.

I feel very sleepy, too.

Can I take your word for it?

It was pretty funny.

My dinner just came back up to say hello.

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This is a very important meeting. You ought not to miss it.


She said she had heard of the accident.

I thought Travis wouldn't know the answers.

Bring them home.

Give me three pieces of salmon.

He was taught French and given a dictionary.

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Earl likes playing with his toy cars.

I found them there.

The company is losing money.


The colour and make of the president's car are?

Pull me up.

I didn't do much yesterday.

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She put aside the sewing and stood up.

Close the window, will you?

I feel smarter already.

Through freeing thought from its object, Descartes enabled the viewing of the latter in only mechanical terms, reopening the way to science, suffocated for more than fifteen centuries under religious nonsense.

The employees want to form a union.


She gave me a meaningful look.

Panos has changed his mind again.

Shall I carry your bag?

The soldiers resisted the enemy attack.

Where are you going with this?

The hospital has been sued as a result of a glaring oversight when doctors failed to notice a large tumour in a woman's X-ray.

The plane disappeared in the twinkle of an eye.

That one is an expert of bombs.

The battlefield was full of the dead and the dying.

I'm feeling pretty good.

The Rotes Rathaus is the town hall of Berlin.

Montgomery was where it all began.

We were able to eat little rice during the tour.

Half the class say that they drink coffee.

The police officer yelled at Michiel to stop.


Christophe waited downstairs as Allen got dressed.


Morgan said he and his friends were planning to go camping next weekend.

The man in that car is Sue Jackson.

Celeste clearly doesn't want to be there.

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He that will steal an egg will steal an ox.

Our new headquarters are in Boston.

She saw him break the window.

She gave birth to twin girls.

I'll help you do that if you want me to.

One can explore and explain only that which exists.

Who can you trust?

The class is too large to be taught by a single man.

Matt ordered a cup of coffee.

Answer me right now.

Everybody felt they had to do something.

There are people who don't like Mikael.

Our universe is expanding.

Masanao will take care of that.

Nobody wanted to visit my country.


They are going to perform "Romeo and Juliet" next week.

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What Ray suggested should save us all a little time.

I would be happy to do that for you.

We'll let him worry about that.

Lila hasn't gotten his driver's license yet.

The event starts at 2pm.


Ned fell off the balcony.