❚ My name is Idryss Bourdier

And I am a web developer. Interested in my work? Take a look right here!



Everything start with an idea. In my case, it all started when someday I was wondering why I couldn't make one of my favorite hobbie, my job ? It was at that moment the idea popped-up, and it all started from here. Since then, I became a student in IT. I specialized myself in web development, especially in PHP, HTML and Javascript. I try to always learn new tools, web standards and technologies to keep myself up-to-date, which is as important as knowing how to code in web development.

I'm currently in the first year of my master's degree in Computer Science Applied to Business Management (MIAGE in French), at University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. Planning to continue to the second year, I'm currently looking for an apprenticeship, as I plan to both study and work in that year. This whole website is made for you to have a peek at my skills and, also, at my previous professionnal experiences.

(586) 979-0870



This website is within the SPORTEL brand. Monaco Mediax had an outdated version of the site and my mission was to, according to the workbook, create a brand-new website. It was made using a pre-built theme and plugins. [...]


The SPORTELSummit website was made from the work done with SPORTELAsia's reworked website. It uses the same technologies and same template. The goal was the same ; making this platform more corporate than commercial.


The Monte-Carlo Television Festival is a communication event in Monaco. Monaco Mediax is in charge of the event, and its website. During my internship with them, I was asked to webmaster it with news coming from the media team. [...]