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This is no JOKE!
11-4-2008  41 Joker Center Console
When Brian Hollis and David Goode set out to design a new boat, they do it right!  "We've been working on this new boat for over a year," declared Brian.  The latest arsenal in their fleet is just about complete and the wave-pounding 41 Joker will make history in the performance boating world!  "Our customers will soon see what all the talk is about," stated David.  "This is no ordinary boat but a go fast, sport yacht," Brian went on to say.  The new 41 Joker can be equipped with inboard diesels, triple outboards or even twin big block gas engin(865) 374-9179es.  The new craft will have luxurious accommodations in the spacious cabin and will be appealing to the most discriminating yacht owner.  The new 41 Joker will be complete by Jan 2009!

3-11-08  Joker Powerboats Changes Direction from Offshore Racing To Building High Performance Center Consoles!  Brian Hollis, president of Joker Powerboats has been in the high performance offshore racing arena for 10 years.  He's won every known title in offshore powerboat racing in his sleek, high-tech racing hulls.  "My commitment to building the best race boats paid off for us big time," stated Brian, "but it's time for us to do something new and innovative in the high performance boating market."  Joker Powerboats will soon unveil the new 41 ft high performance center console.  This new twin stepped hull will make history in the "go fast" center console market.  With the new high-tech outboards available today, this boat will reach speeds of 80 + mph and the customer will be able to run harder, stay dryer, and never compromise comfort, when the seas get rough.  The cabin on the new 41 will be luxurious and will make even the most discriminating customer happy.  "We're going to take all of our racing technology and apply them to this new luxury craft," Brian says.  Joker has been designing this boat for over a year and has assembled a veteran team of designers and even let a select group of performance boaters in on the project.  "I wanted feedback from not only some top engineers but we wanted to let some extreme pleasure boaters have their input on this project." Brian went on to say.  The new Joker 41 will hit the water in 2008 and is currently looking for a few select dealers. 

1-8-08  Joker just unveiled their latest 28 ft pleasure boat.  That's right--a full cabin interior pleasure boat.  After many years of testing and proving our 28 ft hull in the most demanding ocean conditions, we've finally built our first full pleasure model," stated Brian Hollis.  "We've won multiple World and National Titles in offshore powerboat racing in this same design hull, and now it's time the general public can take their family to the water in comfort," Brian continued.  The new 28 Joker has a twin step hull for greater fuel efficiency and a list of innovative options, like a new cabin door with steps to access the deck, full bow anchor locker, and recessed deck hatches.  The new Joker is seriously for sale and dealer inquiries are welcome.

11-10-07 Joker wins yet another CHAMPIONSHIP!  When Joker Powerboats unveiled their brand new 26 design in the Spring who would of thought they would dominate the class and win yet another Championship in offshore powerboat racing?  Brian Hollis and David Goode owners of Joker weren't surprised! " When Tyler Crockett came to us and wanted a new race boat we told him we would build him something special " replied David. " We built Tyler a special purpose race boat with a solid fiberglass bottom and some other special features " replied Brian.  By picking Team Joker to build them a race boat ,Tyler Crockett dominated the field in OPA Offshore Racing and went on to win a National Championship!  " Our unique design and lamination schedules used for offshore racing is the same technique that we put in our pleasure boats " Brian went on to say!

6-17-07 The Joker Powerboats Class 6 race boat started the year off right with a convincing win over the rest of the field. Tyler Crockett throttled the new 26 Joker perfectly and won the race w/ease. "The 26 Joker boat flew level and crushed the big seas " commented Tyler.  Brian Hollis president of Joker Power Boats went on to say " Once again we prove who is first out on the race course. I would like to thank the entire Joker Team and my dedicated partner David Goode for an outstanding job!". 

3/1/07  Get ready for the new 26 Joker!  Joker Powerboats is unveiling their new 26 Joker this Spring.  Tyler Crockett of Crockett Marine is taking delivery of the first 26 Joker to race in the prestigious OPA Racing organization.  "We are pleased to have Tyler race our new 26 Joker this race season," stated Brian Hollis, President of Joker Powerboats.  "Tyler is well-known for his high performance marine engines, and what a great guy to be running our new race boat," Brian went on to say.  For further information on the new 26 Joker Pleasure/Poker Run and Pleasure boats please call 770-560-3747.

1/16-06  573-808-2338 has added Joker Power Boats to their line of per(405) 342-3667formance boats. Aero Speed Marine is owned by Stan Ware of Popeye's Chicken fame and Mike Pierce.  The company is based out of Prairieville, LA, and they offer an array of high performance boat services.  "We are pleased to have as our new dealer, " stated Brian Hollis.  "Stan Ware has been an icon in the high performance boating world for years.  He's won World and National Titles in offshore racing, and we're pleased to have his name beside our product," Brian went on to say.  Please go to for more information on our boats and the services they offer!

11-12-06 Key West Florida - Dee Early piloted the Crazy Chicken offshore race team to another World Title in the APBA / SBI Series.  Offshore race teams from all over the world gathered to try and claim the prestigious title but Dee and his 28 Joker proved once again to be the victor.  Team Joker also finished 2nd place in Destin, Florida in the OPA World Championship series.  Team Joker was way in front when the boat broke a drive and had to settle for 2nd place.  Joker President Brian Hollis said, "My hat is off to both Joker Offshore Race Teams for their efforts on the race course this year.  This makes Joker Powerboats multiple World and National Champions and proves once again we are the boat to beat in offshore racing!"   Brian went on to say, "We run our boats in these offshore races so we can build our customers a safer, better built pleasure boat.  These World Titles mean everything to us and our customers!"  Look for a brand new 28 Joker next year on the race course.  The boat is being built as we speak!

10/18/06 Joker Powerboats goes down in the offshore racing history books again!  The 2006 OPA and APBA Offshore Racing Series National Championships are over, and Joker Powerboats swept both series.  Dee Early, owner/driver of the Crazy Chicken 28 Joker, won the National Title in APBA, and Warren Miller, owner/driver of the Team Joker Race Team, won the National Title in the prestigious OPA Circuit.  "Both teams dominated their class this year, and once again, we prove we build the best handling, safest, fastest boat in the world," declared Brian Hollis, President of Joker Powerboats.  "Both teams have won World Titles in the past in the 28 Joker, and now we're off to win another dual World Championships in November of this year," said Brian.  "My hat is off to these guy's.  They are the best of the best!"

9/11/06 P5-10 Joker Powerboats wins the Ocean City, Maryland, Offshore Grand Prix.  Battling 6-8 ft seas, Team Joker dominated the offshore Powerboat race on September 10th.  (See Video).  It was the roughest water race of the season, and many boats failed to finish the race; however, with Warren on the wheel and Mack on the throttles, Team Joker led from the get-go. There was a lot of trash talking before the race by other teams.  Some even guaranteed a victory.  Those competitors couldn't be found for comment after the race!  Brian Hollis, Joker Powerboats President, commented, "I am so proud of Warren and Mack.  Those guy's run hard and they certainly deserve this prestigious win!  We'll be campaigning a new Factory 1 boat next year in ORL (, and they are the front runners to be in that boat," commented Brian.

8/21/06 Crazy Chicken puts another feather in their cap!  Dee Early piloting his 28 Joker Offshore Race boat won the Panama City Florida offshore race on Sunday August 20, 2006.  The winning streak continues for Team Crazy Chicken and proves once again that the 28 Joker is setting standards in the high performance boat market. " What makes me really proud is these guys run hard in any conditions," stated Brian Hollis, president of Joker Powerboats. "Crazy Chicken's engine choice is a Mercury Racing 500 efi with a Bravo 1 drive,  and teamed up with Joker Powerboats makes the perfect winning combination" replied Brian.

8/6/06 Brian Hollis, President of Joker Power Boats, announces plans to bring back Factory Class Offshore Racing.  Brian states, "The past few years the grass roots racers have been left behind in offshore powerboat racing.  So much attention has been placed on the bigger boats with unlimited funding from team owners, the smaller  open cockpit boat count has dwindled down to just a few boats at race venues. I don't understand the business side of spending well over $1,000,000 in the big boat classes and racing for a mere $ 5,000 (Five Thousand Dollars.  The new series 708-548-9933 will have huge payouts for the winners.  My goal is to bring the hard charging, grass roots racers back to the sport and pay them for their hard work.  For an investment of $25,000 to $50,000 you can get a payout of $20,000 for 1st place!  Now that makes good business sense to me!" 

Problems in the past for Factory Class Racing were the boats were too fast and too expensive.  The new Series will race rough water races only, run inexpensive engines, and have less severe turns.  "It's always been my vision to bring the open cockpit boats to stardom in offshore powerboat racing.  I was a past champion, the 1999 Rookie of The Year in APBA Offshore and I'll never forget what the sport did for me.  Now my plans are to give something back to the sport and support the racers, fans and sponsors," announced Brian.

8/6/06 Dee Early has won the prestigious Offshore Power Boat Race in Washington , NC on August 6th.  Dee's team " Crazy Chicken" has dominated the SBI / APBA series this year in their class.  The 28 Joker is a great boat in any kind of water, flat or rough," replied Brian Hollis by phone.  Once again we have proved we're the best of the best and winning in Reggie Fountains backyard is definitely a feather in our cap (pun intended)," said Brian. 

7/7/05 5 The Crazy Chicken Offshore Racing Team won the Sarasota Offshore Grand Prix on July 2nd. The field consisted of many brand name boats but the 28 Joker beat the P5 Class by 18 seconds. Dee Early is the owner / driver of the Crazy Chicken team and he was delighted by the win. The 28 Joker race boats have dominated this year in offshore racing and will debut a new race boat in the coming weeks. Brian Hollis president of Joker Power Boats was also delighted with the win and looks forward to the rest of the offshore race schedule this year. "Our boats are the best designed , best built and all around best performing boats in the world and this latest win just proves it once again" replied Brian.

6/27/06 Joker Powerboats will be attending the Sarasota Grand Prix June 30th-July 2nd.  This race has been a regular event for over 20 years and is the home for our 1st win back in 1999. Joker President Brian Hollis will be a spectator and he'll be handing out the new Team Joker race t-shirts. Go to 2524122990 for more information on the Sarasota event.

6/20/06 Joker Powerboats will be building a new "theme boat" in the coming weeks.  The boat will be a tribute to the late Don Aronow.  The 28 Joker will have all the bells and whistles complete w/ a 525 Mercury engine and ITS Drive.  Complete , full interior will be done by Premier Performance Interiors in Sarasota , FL.  This boat will be attending many poker runs and will be the test boat for a major boating magazine this fall.  Stay tuned for more information!

Warning!  Danger!*** CAUTION ***
Purchasing a boat from Joker Powerboats can be extremely addictive. Composite materials, advanced hull designs and quality workmanship will change your high performance boating standards.  You'll never be the same, honestly. Our innovative products are the best in the  business and we GUARANTEE that one test ride will change your views on how a properly designed,  properly built boat should run in extreme conditions! Welcome to the team!


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