Today is full moon.

I keep the master copy under lock and key.

Who is the author?

You never can tell what is going to happen.

You don't practice what you preach.

She became a teacher.

Tunneling and secure protocols--like IPsec--permit the creation of effectively isolated nets within the Net: internets within the Internet.


I know that I should sleep for at least eight hours per day, however usually I sleep less.

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"Nearly four pounds," says Bob.

I missed a lot.

Border fights were common.

Maurice always finds fault in everything.

His experiments came to a standstill.

There is no running water.

I think everything's fine.


They're in my office.

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Come home early, Bill.


Irfan kept packing.

I'm not really familiar with computers.

You shouldn't let children eat too many sweets.

Many soldiers were wounded in the battle.

I'm checking for laser beam alarm triggers.


You must take care of them.

Does he like his job ?

Revised is in a coma, but he's stable.

A fantastic Norwegian fall is coming.

Is there a vacant seat?

Have you seen the paper?

Do you know why spring rolls are called spring rolls?

This is the truth, I assure you!

Joubert will go in your place.

The climate affects people in every land.

Just stay still.

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We could see her.

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Elvis will not be here until half past two.

If by some chance the weather is good, I'll go.

The deep snow prevented the party from getting to the hut.

This restaurant serves authentic Neapolitan pizza.

We stretched out our arms.

Ahmet certainly didn't intend to tell Jonathan the truth.

Excuse me for not having answered your letter sooner.

I told her to tell you that.

The caricatures that are sold in Montmartre are of good quality.

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At my brother's.


She kept on crying.

She took the jewel to her manager.

Taurus and Henry both agree.

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He is always taking a nap at school.


I hope this goes well.

I wish you the same.

Is it going to be bad?

You ought to trust me.

Root started snoring.

Trade companies aim at a new market in Asia.

Murat promised me he would come early.

He lived next to his uncle.

Eli won't be back until evening.

The thief has to be in here. I'm sure somewhere around is his stronghold so if we can just find that we've got him.

Can you check if the phone is out of order?


Did you enjoy yourself at the party last night?

The snow prevented us from arriving on time.

In Britain a truck is referred to as a lorry.

I really had a good time today.

That king ruled wisely.

Can you decipher the message?

He's biased against Christianity.


We would like some more beers.


Ahmed will be able to swim soon.


Your teachers always speak well of your work.

Keith became a billionaire when his company sold shares in an initial public offering.

Do you agree, Rayan?

I'll tell my dad!

Can I have this donut?

"You're pretty good at English, aren't you?" "I'd like to think so."

I'll just go check.

I just want it the way it was.

The goal of phenomenological research is to arrive at the

Did they understand?

Dominick sprang at me in a rage.

Shut the hell up!

A large or medium-sized one?

I will present myself at the meeting.

I still have bruises where the mule kicked me.

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Have you called in the bomb squad?

That man looks familiar.

I haven't had the chance to tell you how much I enjoyed your party.

I received a letter written one week ago.

He slowly raised the gun.

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I wish Friday was over and done with.


They're useless now.


I'm waiting for Ellen to get back.

May I ask how old you are?

The first person to talk to me, when I had just switched schools and had no friends, was Richard.

I was tired of watching TV.

Tell Blayne to wait in the lobby.

Is there a place I can smoke?

Barney is very insecure.

I've always thought you weren't very smart.

He bought new gloves.

What are some good French movies?

Mitch has a pretty good idea who stole his trumpet.

Ole fell and scraped his knee.

I'll go let them know.

You look better without makeup.

What do you want the message to be?

I'll explain the reason in the fifth chapter of this book.

Minds that have nothing to confer find little to perceive.

Rakhal reached for a cookie.

I hope to find a job of my own choosing.

You should stay back.

Paola raised five children.

Living as he did in the remote countryside, he seldom came into town.

I know all about the party.

Mick restarted his computer.

Keep an eye on the door.

We will have a picknick provided that the weather is nice.

Don't you ever make me cry again!


Child as she was, she was not afraid.

My sister will have been studying English for ten years when she graduates from her college.

I warned Jeremy not to eat that.

Yes, of course, you are right.

Roger is going to fit right in.

How much will you charge me for the suit?

I won't repeat anything you say to me.

The handcuffs were too tight and they dug into Tanya's wrists, cutting off circulation to his hands.

I used to sleep for only three or four hours a day.

I'd really like a chance to talk to Tanya.

There was no way to avoid what happened.

Danish is the European Portuguese of Scandinavia.

This is just.

I demand the truth.

Each part of the book starts with a quote taken from the life of the author: a passage from a book, a question asked to a stranger on the road, something shouted by a girlfriend.

Few students use pencils these days.

We won't let anything happen to you, I promise.

None of the victims' names have been released.

I thought you might need help.

I forgot my own birthday.

What time does the train get in?

I told Kristin you were a good plumber.

She gets a high salary.

Don't make this decision today.

Prince Hamlet wasn't a play-wright.


She's in serious trouble.


I found out where she was.

If he should be busy, help him.

Why can't vacation last forever?

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We're going to have to change.


As he is a man of his word, he will surely pay what he owes to you.


Sjaak told us why.

He was so careless as to leave the door open.

I just thought of a great idea.


My grades fell greatly.

That's a very rude question.

I won't give up on her.

Something is obviously not right with Kamel.

Pamela glanced at Barbra.

Brooke knows Po wants to get married.

I'm just kidding you.

Maybe I should slow down.

Malus's already here, but Bill hasn't come yet.

You can't address me like that.

I know the person who stole my car was Brad.

Don't forget to tell the porter to carry our luggage.

My eyes are burning.


When she came in, we were finishing the main dish.


What was Edmund's answer?

This is free.

You don't love me!

I'm going to bring Leif back here.

I knew that.