He showed no emotion hearing the bad news.

We're faster than anyone else.

I found his latest novel interesting.

I wish everyone would cooperate.

Ben doesn't want to live with me.

Your profile photo is unprofessional.

I don't completely agree with you.

Mr Bush, principal of our school, graduated from Yale.


I did not read.


It isn't worth repairing this car.


You don't want everyone to know, do you, Sassan?


Are you sure we have not met before?


Claire went to the liquor store to buy a bottle of rum.

What time is it?

It is not possible to not breathe and bathe at the same time.

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To be honest, I've never heard of this place before.


I figured Tracy probably did it.

All you do is complain!

I'm wise.

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While I had pneumonia, I just languished in my room, waiting to recover.


Taurus honked his horn at the kids playing in the street.

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Does Those have a choice?

He held a gun to my head and ordered me to dance Gangman Style. I had no choice but to obey.

You've been to Boston, haven't you?

A stranger seized me by the arm.

I used to like folk music.

Let me get Ethan.

Vivek got Tollefsen some water.


I'm afraid it will be rainy tomorrow.

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You wouldn't lie.


Many companies advertise their products on TV.

Esperanto, with its 130-year history and abundant literature, can be mastered in one tenth of the time required for learning one of the widespread national languages.

They hired him.

Bob expressed words of thanks on behalf of his classmates.

I don't want to take my medicines.

When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.

We made some poor decisions.

In a sense, I am turning around the argument made by David Riesman in The Lonely Crowd.

Anderson knows how to ride a horse.

Does she work in this city?

May I sharpen my pencil?


Yoko bought some of them.

I have just three more questions.

Who taught you that song?

The R.M.S. Titanic was divided into 16 watertight compartments.

You can all help.

Do not copy-paste sentences from elsewhere.

It is bad weather.

My taking the book is justified by my seeing it.

Your homework is one important part of the learning experience.

When you quote a stupid text, do not forget the context.

Vinod is a great cook.

I was pretty gullible.

I want to study German.


The bill amounts to five thousand yen.


It's impossible to tell the Jackson twins apart.

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He's a ghost hunter.


Joachim didn't return my calls.

The refugees struggled against hunger.

Exams are right after summer vacation.

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I told Trent where I'd gone.

Here is Tatoeba.

I wish it were a little warmer.


Liisa succeeded in her task.

Tomas could not finish her dinner.

Hillary is always lying.

Van has been a teacher for thirty years.

He can pull strings for you.

It was inevitable for us to lose.

Eventhough there's no money, no political machine and even we will lose, we'll still compete in the chess tournament this coming April 29 3030.


Would you like some salad?

Long live the USSR!

Look at this picture of him.


My parents are quarrelling.

High on the summit of the Tree was fixed a tinsel star. It was splendid, particularly splendid.

You seem to be in all these pictures.


He needed space.

Would you like to come inside?

Sorry to be late.


Nothing is useful to anything.

Take the right road.

I ran into my professor at a restaurant last night.

I'm going with him.

I feel like I can't say no.


Fatalities are extremely rare.


Vilhelm was fully clothed.

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He is without doubt one of the most successful businessmen in Japan.

I love the way you make me laugh.

The elevator is moving up and down.

I am afraid I must be going now.

Everett got the report you wrote.

The fish is hiding under the rocks.

Your prompt attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated.

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Po does all the cooking in our house.

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Gail worked as a physical therapist.

We cannot finish it before Saturday even if everything goes well.

Babur's full name was Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur.

The focus of next month's issue will be the effects of global warming.

Holly is here to help Louiqa figure out her income taxes.

I let my sister use my new computer.

Randolph is very upset by what happened.

We're looking into that now.

Lucy came to see me three days ago.


Christie decided that it wasn't necessary to take the medicine the doctor had given him.

He appreciates his parents' love.

The United States is made up of 50 states.

I am as much in love as on the first day.

Any clues?

Running the Inca Trail near Machu Picchu can be arduous.

Did Jean-Christophe tell you where the party is?

A stray dog followed Helen home and he decided to keep it.

When I was abroad I went to see your uncle.

You have a face of a child.

All the boys spoke each in turn.


Careless driving causes accidents.

I didn't have a good time last night.

Does anyone want some more pie?


I don't want to do anything to jeopardize my friendship with you.

We spoke for about three hours.

Why do you need to do that?


Sounds good!


The policeman caught him by the arm.

Chuck speaks French perfectly.

Merat isn't saying why.

Who's going to foot the bill?

We'll pretend this never happened.

Tareq left me the keys.

Tell me you understand, Linda.


I must put my ideas together before I take up my pen.

What's the name of the highest mountain in that country?

Laurel made that quite clear.

Mah doesn't want to eat lunch now.

Shutoku doesn't buy Joel's explanation for a second.

She wanted to start a family with him.

We just need to have patience.

So what?

I think Geoffrey will very likely do that.

I am not going to work more today.

I may not agree with what you say, but I'll listen.

Are you ready for your big day?

Let me think for just a second.

Don't ever forget this rule.

Maybe we should get some help.

What're you smiling at?

The dishes got sent to the wrong table.

Conrad died in Boston in 2013.

Is it something pressing?

We used to fight.

Dan had many friends and no girlfriend.

Think about it!

Gunter is determined to have his way.


You can call me at any time you like.

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Charley was warm.

Let me ask you guys something.

He wants me to go with him to Milan by train to visit a friend.

I'll go tell him we're ready.

Pria said that Willie went mad.

Greg stood up.

Speaking with reporters in Montreal, Canada, Walesa says the change of leadership in East Germany came about because the old guard leaders missed the train of history.

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What was it that Hohn said?

He is planning to launch his business.

We never would have allowed Jeany to go there by himself.