The barn was small, but it was strong.

This is where the historic battle is said to have taken place.

You have one minute.

Irfan talked Laurent into baking a cake for John's birthday party.

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I feel bored.

I told you I don't know if Doug will tell the truth.

So, what should I tell Melinda?

Where is my ring?

You've done it right.

Are there any express trains?

Whatever could it have been?

Copernicus studied mathematics and astronomy at the University of Krakow.

Jaime made you look like a fool.

He became friends with her while in the U.S.

Werner joined his school's debating team at the suggestion of his teacher.


Snow fell early this winter.

The house is not impressive if you're thinking of size.

I forgot to wear a belt.

It's your responsibility to finish this job.

Knudsen decided to quit smoking.


Apathy is worse than antipathy.

Archie eats only raw vegetables.

Doctors and hospitals should help the people who can get healthy again.


An old tree provides shade.


This is the best band in the world.


The bills are paid all year.


It's a plausible diagnosis.

What are those numbers?

Monica gave Donna plenty of money.


Get him out of here.

Passengers became nervous when the plane began to vibrate.

Who'll handle this problem?


It all comes down to a question of money.

I could talk to her.

Izchak wanted Hazel to go to the post office for him.

They are too busy fighting against each other to care for common ideals.

Speak for yourself, Tad.

You have a concussion.

I can't stop anything.


He did not want to come.

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You don't have to like Harold. You just have work with him.

Where did Sean live before he moved here?

He has a cold.

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Be polite to everyone.

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Owen's a lot happier since he changed jobs.


The Boy Scout has been directing old ladies across streets since 2004.

I'm not special. I'm just a limited edition.

Where should I put my laundry?

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Are you going to come to Elvis's party this weekend?

How many people do you know that can speak French?

On Jul 18th Mark/Space released an updated version of Missing Sync for Windows Mobile for the Mac OS X.

I'm not going to let you do it.

Please give me the paper when you have done with it.

Surya is making cookies.

Bring a date.

What difference does this make?

You would've been wrong if you'd said that.


I thought Svante was very good.

Washing dishes is something I don't really enjoy doing.

I almost slapped Clyde.

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That she grew up in America is well-known.

Please give me that book.

He tried it over and over again.

Frost touched the flowers.

Why haven't you told Jess that he owes 300 dollars?

I asked Shai when he was planning to go to Boston.

We arrived at the museum after a ten-minute walk.

The movie we watched was in French with English subtitles.

We're just high school students.

A smile may convey understanding, joy, or an appreciation of humor.

It's too soon to tell whether it's a boy or a girl.

Ice cream cones are made of wafer.

Please get out of here immediately.

What a heartwarming story!

The translation is true to the original.

She loves her puppy, and the puppy is really lovable.

Dawson and Lex are probably together.

Jesse borrowed my clothes without asking me.

How on earth can we restore our youth?

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He likes sleeping.

You knew me when I was a kid.

Where are my grandchildren?

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I cannot phone Marika. She lives in Finland!

Francis will never have to worry about going hungry.

Do you have any beans in your garden?

Siping's employer called his honesty into question.

My teacher is Mrs. Li.

That was our idea.

Why am I writing this SMS?

My advice would be to leave as soon as you can.

How did you help them?


Anthony wakes up when it is already quite light.

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Gypsy was very tired and fell asleep during the meeting.


Rhonda isn't that cute.


Hold on.


We found the lost hiker numb with cold.

Do you think I should buy this house?

I believe that Ralph loves me.

Margot has failed again. After all she is still young.

I think that this is Emet.

On a first date, it's best to steer clear of touchy subjects.

The stomach pains went away.


I drank milk.

I got up early this morning to go fishing.

I'm sure I can figure it out eventually.

Niall accompanied me on the piano.

I believe in democracy.

The warranty doesn't cover normal wear and tear.

Ramneek didn't have a good time at the party.

You shouldn't have paid the bill.

Saad is peeling the potatoes.

Tell Clark what you want.

Akira is good at playing tennis.

I thought this pair of shoes would last longer.

Have you memorized his number?

I've learned never to borrow money from friends.

Don't frot against people in the bus.

There will he find an Egmont and an Orange, the brave warriors of Emperor Charles, as wise in council as they are formidable in the field.

I would do the same exact thing.

Rolfe is a dead man walking.

Mann asked me if I was all right.

Nobody taught me.

Youth comes but once in life.

Nick loves coffee.

What is the most important tool ever invented?

Are you going to keep interrupting us?

This book can't go into the bag.

Mr. Satoyama's work made a big impression in the world of haiku.

It is raining worse than ever.

She is a small person.

Once upon a time there were a poor man and a rich woman.

All of my things are gone.

I don't want to be the bad guy anymore.


Which is creepier, a talking teddy bear or a talking doll?

Do you think it makes a difference?

Donald isn't prepared.

What do you love? What do you hate?

You really do speak English quite well.

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Liber has a tattoo on his wrist.

He was fortunate to find the book he had lost.

She planted the flower bulb in the garden.

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Ralf sat up in bed.

I suffer from restless leg syndrome.

Kee would tell us the truth, wouldn't he?

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Do you want to take Sehyo's place or not?


Don't worry. We can remedy the mistake we've made.

I'll buy a pen from him.

It's been a nice trip.

Fear has magnifying eyes.

Nobody knows what goes on behind those doors.

Are you saying that you don't remember?

Wendy is intelligent and kind.


I'm not going to tolerate this kind of behavior anymore.

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Here's something to think about.

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Pria is really worried.

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It's rare to meet nice people like you.

Franklin created an ecological stove.

And that's how my mom met my dad.

Four weeks passed away, and Jane saw nothing of him.

Mat quickly glanced at the photo on the desk.

Let's be thankful for everything we have.

Are you even listening me?

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He is British.

Who is there?

What is this girl's name?